Cavalier Condorelli: “I’m afraid but I don’t pay the protection money, in Sicily he doesn’t retreat on honesty”

“This is not the first time they have threatened me. But for the sake of Sicily we cannot back down even an inch. We must report.” Cavalier Giuseppe Condorelli is relieved after the Belpasso mafia clan was decimated by the arrests of the “Under Check” operation. The bosses wanted the lace from the famous Catania nougat company, also known for the famous spots with Leo Gullotta, but in front of them they found a wall.

Cavalier Condorelli, when did they threaten you?

“March 2019, a Sunday evening. I was at home. The plant keeper called me. ‘Come on, there’s a surprise’. I went immediately and in front of the entrance I found an envelope with a bottle of alcohol inside and a message written to block letters on a sheet of paper: ‘Look for a good friend’. I immediately called the carabinieri “.

What did you think after that threat?

“I was amazed. I hadn’t received intimidation for a long time, because this is not the first time. In the past, even when my father was in charge of the company, we have received threats, but we have never given up.”

Mafia in Catania, two clans disjointed: 40 bosses and affiliates in handcuffs. Cavalier Condorelli denounces the extortion

by Natale Bruno

04 May 2021

Aren’t you afraid?

“I would be hypocritical to say no. I have a wife, children. But fear is part of my responsibilities as an entrepreneur because I believe that if we want to change the image of this wonderful land we must have the courage to change ourselves. backing down on honesty, this is what my father taught me. “

How did you feel when you heard about the arrests?

“A sense of relief. I thought that the path of good has paid off, I hope that many others will follow me”.

Still many do not report, why?

“I don’t know, but I see a cultural change”.

In an interception, two affiliates discuss the risks of extorting a person known as her. Is it easier to report when you have an established company like yours behind it?

“They always start from the top and then go towards the little ones. In my opinion, if this awareness is more widespread among us entrepreneurs, it will be more difficult to hit even those with smaller businesses”.

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