Storm on the Milan prosecutor’s office: “Prosecutor Storari investigated”

Storm on the Milan prosecutor’s office: “Prosecutor Storari investigated”
Storm on the Milan prosecutor’s office: “Prosecutor Storari investigated”

The Milanese prosecutor Paolo Storari he ended up in the eye of the storm as part of the “leak” investigation. In the crosshairs we find the secret reports of Piero Amara, which would have ended up in the editorial offices of various newspapers thanks to Marcella Contraffatto, employee of the CSM and now suspended. As reported by The print, Storari was summoned by the public prosecutor of Rome and is formally investigated for revelation of office secrecy. He will be questioned on Saturday morning, accompanied by the lawyer Paolo Della Sala.

The role of prosecutor Storari

In the meantime, the prosecutor of Brescia, Francesco Prete, has formally opened a file on the affair of the secret reports of the interrogations made by Amara himself between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. At the moment we do not know if there are any suspects. The investigation will serve to shed light on how things went between the Milan prosecutor, Francesco Greco, and the aforementioned Storari, who after having found inertia on the part of the heads of the Prosecutor’s Office in starting the investigations on the revelations of the lawyer, including the existence of the Loggia Hungary, he turned to the then councilor of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo.

Even the Attorney General of Milan, Francesca Nanni, asked the prosecutor Francesco Greco to draw up a report to shed light on what happened with regard to the secret reports of the interrogations of the lawyer Amara. Minutes that, after what he had considered excessive slowness in the investigations, the prosecutor Storari decided to deliver, as we shall see, to the then councilor of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo.

Pg Nanni explains Lapresse, from what has become known, has begun to collect all the information on the rumor that is dividing the power of attorney, in the exercise of its functions of surveillance. Should any irregularities emerge, he will forward his observations and his findings to the Pg of the Cassation Giovanni Salvi who will evaluate together with the Ministry of Justice whether to initiate disciplinary action.

Davigo person informed on the facts

Apparently, in April 2020, Storari handed over the secret reports to Piercamillo Davigo, at the time of the events, councilor of the CSM. He would do it to “protect himself”. The reason? The Milan prosecutor had not opened an investigation file on the alleged lodge Hungary. Of which Amara had self-declared to be a part. All this would not have respected the formal procedures.

In the next few days, precisely on Wednesday morning, Davigo will also be heard by the Rome prosecutor’s office as person informed of the facts. The latter would have spoken of the minutes received from Storari with Davide Ermini, vice president of the CSM, and with Giovanni Salvi, attorney general of the Cassation.

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