“He invited to rape Moratti and kill D’Urso” – Libero Quotidiano

“He invited to rape Moratti and kill D’Urso” – Libero Quotidiano
“He invited to rape Moratti and kill D’Urso” – Libero Quotidiano

He does not send them to say Alessandro Sallusti on the “Fedez case”, on everyone’s lips for days now. The rapper from the stage of the Concertone on May 1st attacked the Lega and Rai. “Given the context – said the journalist a Tuesday on La7 – it would have been more logical to talk about safety at work. Just think of what happened today to a 22-year-old in Prato. “And again, in the living room of Giovanni Floris May 4th: “But I don’t want to censor Fedez. As for words, he can’t throw the first stone in an album invited to rape Moratti and kill D’Urso “.

For Sallusti “the words are already subject to the penal and civil code, therefore when they are pronounced in a dangerous way they are already punishable“. According to the director of the Newspaper, free must be the thought that must however be expressed with the right words. The famous songs of the rapper who today is said in favor of homosexuals have also created a sensation in Vittorio Sgarbi.

“Fedez and the phrases against homosexuals: ‘I was wrong: years ago I was more ignorant’. Then, however, he realized that he could sell him his enameled nails”, chirped the art critic. And indeed the husband of Chiara Ferragni he defended the enamel on men with the sword, even against some advisers of the League. Was it a coincidence or just because he launched his new nail polish line? It comes natural to ask. Barbara d’Uso herself admitted to Afternoon 5: “I have always flown high on these things, although I was well aware of this thing”, said in reference to the rapper’s threats against him, and then added: “I however, he always applauded for his commitment “.

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