Franceschini: “Culture is restarting in safety”

“Culture is starting up again and the challenge is to demonstrate that it is possible to take advantage of art, cinema and entertainment even with scrupulous security measures, as is right. This is happening in the reopening of exhibitions, museums, cinemas and theaters: is the challenge of the next few months and I think we will win it “.
This was stated by the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, visiting the Rome Quadriennale this morning at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Together with the minister Franceschini there was the councilor for culture of Rome, Lorenza Fruci, the curators of the Quadrennial Sarah Cosulich and Stefano Collicelli Cagol, the president of the Quadriennale Foundation, Umberto Croppi, the honorary president Franco Bernabè and the president of the Board of Palaexpo , Cesare Pietroiusti.
“This extraordinary edition of the Quadrennial is a great investment in contemporary art and young Italian talents. Italy is a country that has invested a lot, it was inevitable and right, in the enhancement and protection of the heritage of what generations have created. previous years, but it has invested too little in everything contemporary, art, music, photography. Instead there is an extraordinary heritage of young Italian talents and great masters appreciated all over the world. The time has come to invest in creativity contemporary and the Quadriennale goes exactly in this direction “, concluded Franceschini.

Source and photos: Italpress

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