“Conflict of Interest”. Poisoned meatball, who wants the head of the undersecretary – Libero Quotidiano

“Conflict of Interest”. Poisoned meatball, who wants the head of the undersecretary – Libero Quotidiano
“Conflict of Interest”. Poisoned meatball, who wants the head of the undersecretary – Libero Quotidiano

It ended up in the viewfinder Pierpaolo Sileri, pentastellato undersecretary of the ministry of health and doctor. For conflict of interest. The first attacks started when he was chairman of the Senate Health Committee and Alessio D’Amato he blurted out: “This one who is currently chairman of the Senate committee also has a double work because it does business in structures private accredited by the Lazio Region (the Roman clinic Nuova Villa Claudia, ed) with visits for 150 euros and is also an employee of Tor Vergata. And before speaking … “.

Therefore, La Repubblica recalls, he was also criticized by the then president of the Forza Italia council group Antonio Aurigemma (now FdI) who wanted a question on the alleged conflict of interest of Senator Sileri, a public doctor who, according to the regulations in force, could not work in a private clinic that has an agreement with public health. This question, however, was not followed up because between the Nuova Villa Claudia clinic and the Polyclinic of the University of Tor Vergata, of which Sileri is an employee on leave, a “memorandum of understanding has existed since February 2018 within the school’s training network. of surgery specialization “.

Now the attack a Hyenas. Tonight 4 May on Italia 1 a service will be broadcast whose thesis is that the 5-star undersecretary would have violated the law that prohibits public service doctors from working for a fee in affiliated private clinics. New Villa Claudia, in fact. Sileri defends himself by arguing that his activity in the private structure would have been related to “54 procedures including teaching, tutoring and so on” provided for by that protocol of understanding above. Activities therefore linked to the specialization school for which the commissioner Alessio D’Amato, Sileri reminds the correspondent Filippo Roma, “established that there was no conflict”.

However, there is a recent ruling by the Court of Auditors which maintains that the prohibition for the public doctor to carry out professional activities in affiliated structures applies even if “the activity is carried out in a non-affiliated operating unit of the same structure”. How will the Sileri case end? And above all, is there anyone who wants to take him out? The suspicion is legitimate.

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Conflict Interest Poisoned meatball undersecretary Libero Quotidiano

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