Waste traffic, 30 ordinances in Milan – Lombardy

Investigation of the Dda and the Local Police

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 04 – Thirty custody orders are being executed by the Milan Local Police regarding an investigation called ‘Precious waste’ involving the nomad camp in via Bonfadini, in the Lombard capital. The crime hypotheses are those of “extortion with the mafia method, criminal association for illicit waste trafficking and criminal association for drug dealing”.

“The investigations, conducted by deputy prosecutors Francesco De Tommasi and Sara Ombra, coordinated by the Deputy Attorney of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, Alessandra Dolci – reports the Local – were carried out starting from June 2020 and involve the nerve center of illicit waste management nomad camp in via Bonfadini “.

The nomad camp in via Bonfadini, a historic illegal settlement on the outskirts of the Lombard capital, is being dismantled. This was reported by the Commander of the Milan Local Police, Marco Ciacci, during a press conference on an investigation into a waste traffic that hit the field. Near that camp is another settlement, regular, which was not involved.


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Waste traffic ordinances Milan Lombardy

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