DDL ZAN in Milan: demonstration on 8 May

DDL ZAN in Milan, May 8 event in Piazza Scala. To address the movement born in 2014 Milan, The sentinels of Milan. The demonstration is to request the approval of the DDL ZAN, against homotransphobia or homophobia, skill and misogyny. The mayor Beppe Sala will also participate in the event.

DDL ZAN in Milan: demonstration on 8 May

The demonstration “Time out” to expedite the approval of the DDL Zan will take place Saturday 8 May at 3.00 pm and should start from Piazza Scala in Milan. To avoid gatherings, given that a very large turnout is expected, the Police Headquarters and the Prefect are evaluating location diverse.

“We are certainly the first to want everything to happen in a context of maximum security for those who will participate. If the Police Headquarters and the Prefecture deem that there are no conditions to stay in the center, we will adapt. If we have to go to the Arco della Pace, we will adapt and we will go to the Arco della Pace with all the difficulties that moving around involves reconsidering all the technical supports of a different place imagined until yesterday. ” I Sentinelli di Milano commented on the possible change of location.

“Tempo Scaduto”, the slogan of the DDL ZAN event in Milan

Approved in the House on November 4, the bill has been on hold for months in the Senate, hostage of an unbearable obstruction. More than 25 years after the first bill, while aggression and violence continue, some are still trying to deny the reality. We have already said and reiterated everything, explained and re-explained. You don’t need a long political manifesto, just two words are enough: time out! “The Sentinelli of Milan explained.

“The LGBT community and the country have been waiting for a law against homotransphobia for 25 years. But now we have it. I urge all parliamentarians to speed up the work“Declared the Mayor Beppe Sala, who will be present at the event, together with the one who gave birth to the Zan law, or the deputy of the Democratic Party Alessandro Zan.


DDL ZAN Milan demonstration

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