Covid: 61 cases in Sardinia, lowest figure in the last two months – Sardinia

Four deaths, 51 (+2) patients in intensive care

Net drop in infections in Sardinia, which returned below 100 after several weeks: in the latest update of the Regional Crisis Unit 61 new cases were detected (to find a lower figure, one must return to 1 March with 45) out of 1,436 swabs performed , with a positive rate of 4.2%. Thus the Covid positives ascertained in the island since the beginning of the emergency rise to 54,876. A total of 1,195,227 swabs were performed. There are also four new deaths (1,393 in all).

On the other hand, 358 (-4) people are currently hospitalized in non-intensive wards, and 51 (+2) patients in intensive care. There are 16,356 people in home isolation and a total of 36,714 (+180) healed while the people declared clinically healed on the island are currently 4. On the territory, of the 54,876 positive cases ascertained overall, 14,389 (+37) were detected in the Metropolitan City Cagliari, 8,291 (+6) in Southern Sardinia, 4,849 in Oristano, 10,664 (+11) in Nuoro, 16,683 (+7) in Sassari.


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Covid cases Sardinia lowest figure months Sardinia

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