Veralab opens a new monobrand store in Rome – Il Tempo

Veralab opens a new monobrand store in Rome – Il Tempo
Veralab opens a new monobrand store in Rome – Il Tempo

(May 4, 2021) – Located near the central via Condotti, the cinema is the protagonist of the shop designed by 23bassi

May 4, 2021 – VeraLab doubles with the opening of a second single-brand store. After the one in Milan, the beauty brand created by Cristina Fogazzi inaugurates a new store in Rome and reconfirms its leading role in the Italian market.

In that labyrinth of streets that wind between piazza di Spagna and via di Ripetta, recalling with their luxurious boutiques celebs and international stars, the new VeraLab store designed by the 23bassi studio overlooks via Tomacelli to capture the passionate of the brand and lead them into an extraordinary surreal world. “Each VeraLab project is unique and this time, while maintaining the illusionistic effects of the grid floor and the lights made with the bottles of VeraLab products that we had inserted in the Milan store, we have created a game of luminous portals that follow one after the other the other in a perspective experience that leads to a gigantic and unexpected mouth of fuchsia truth ”, say the architects of 23bassi.

The store is transformed into an optical cone, whose architectural scanning of the space is determined by four circles of dynamic light which, changing color, creating ever new scenarios. Each portal houses 60 LED bars, for a total of over 1.5 kilometers of electrical cables. “We wanted to enhance the elongated shape of the space by playing on the tunnel effect, but at the same time we added some elements such as the side mirrors, positioned two by two to form a triangle, to create a suggestive, psychedelic and pleasantly disorienting perception. . Thus, the products combined with reflective surfaces multiply indefinitely in a hypnotic game ”, continue the architects.

In this environment that immediately recalls some quotes from the cinema, certainly including certain iconic images from 2001: A Space Odyssey, I appear here and there Ionic and Corinthian capitals, portions of columns resting on the classic stylobate and architectural details borrowed from major film productions . The elements, made in the scenography workshops and painted in fuchsia, leave the film sets to become curious exhibitors in the VeraLab store. Unmissable are the playful experiences with the sushi belt for the recycling of used bottles, which for the occasion will be driven by a real bicycle, and the references to contemporary art, a great passion of Cristina Fogazzi, with the installation of the work to the neon Amor Roma by Nico Vascellari.

“Each VeraLab project is an opportunity to support Made in Italy, from the supply chain to the creation of the stores. Also in this case we wanted to enhance the Italian workers to help protect the precious knowledge of those artisans who work for the cinema, of those companies that make the most extraordinary projects possible, of those realities that transform an idea into an all-encompassing experience. ”, Says Cristina Fogazzi, founder of VeraLab.

VeraLab products, in fact, are the result of a controlled supply chain that supports Italian productivity: each product is formulated in the total absence of silicones and parabens, with natural ingredients and excellent active ingredients. Designed for body and face care, the products combine with each other in a personalized beauty routine thanks to the tailor-made consultancy service. In fact, at the base of the VeraLab philosophy, there are no false hopes or impossible promises, but an awareness project and a treatment program that leads to complete and lasting satisfaction. Each female problem is analyzed with extreme rigor to find tailor made solutions, because the effectiveness of each treatment is largely due to an in-depth analysis of the skin and body.

The Roman store joins the VeraLab single-brand store opened in Milan in 2019, the corners in Rinascente (Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin, Catania and Palermo), the presence of the brand in the perfumeries of the Pinalli and Naima network and the recent entry into the pharmacy channel . With the aim of offering a physical experience of the brand, the stores complete the distribution of the VeraLab e-commerce.

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