Italy wants it like this, I would like to make it clear that justice has not won

Italy wants it like this, I would like to make it clear that justice has not won
Italy wants it like this, I would like to make it clear that justice has not won

“If Italy wants this, I am nobody, unfortunately, to make it clear that justice has not won today as it would seem. Now I want to spend these few moments that remain with Viola (his girlfriend) and not with those who have contributed to my sentence “. These are the words of Federico Ciontoli a after reading the sentence with which the Court of Cassation confirmed the sentence imposed on him, his father Antonio, his mother Maria and his sister Martina by the judges of the Court of Assize of Appeal bis. Federico Ciontoli will have to serve a sentence of 9 years and 4 months for simple complicity in the voluntary murder of Marco Vannini. The sentence is final and this evening Ciontoli will go with his family to prison. The same sentence must be served by the mother and sister, while the father was sentenced to 14 years for voluntary murder.

His lawyer: “I think Federico is a victim”

“Federico, accompanied by his girlfriend Viola, will turn himself up in prison in Rebibbia. He is a serious boy and he respects the sentences,” confirmed the lawyer Domenico Ciruzzi, the boy’s lawyer, to the Nova agency. He further stated: “I believe that Federico is another victim of this story. I say this by taking only the example of Viola. Viola’s was the same conduct as Federico with the difference that Federico opposed his father, he said. he of the gunshot, yet Viola rightly acquitted and the boy sentenced to 9 years and six months. I believe that this trial, like others, represents the spy of a system that no longer works “.

Ciontoli had said: “I don’t want to escape my responsibilities”

“I do not want to escape my responsibilities, if the Supreme Court chooses that I have to go to prison, I will go there because it is right that I should”, Federico had declared to the microphones of a few weeks before the judges’ ruling. “He is right to pay, it is right that he pays because the life of a person, Marco is no longer there and was taken from him for a bullshit, for a fucking joke. I would never have been an accomplice of my father in making suffer a person, let alone make him die “, he had said about the position of his father, Antonio Ciontoli. “I don’t know if they will ever be able to forgive me for not being able to save their son. I was stupid, naive, I believed the lies but this is what I managed to do that night”, was the appeal to Marco Vannini’s parents.

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Italy clear justice won

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