In April 145 thousand registrations in Italy, -17% compared to two years ago (before Covid)

In April 145 thousand registrations in Italy, -17% compared to two years ago (before Covid)
In April 145 thousand registrations in Italy, -17% compared to two years ago (before Covid)

Last month car registrations in Italy reached 145,033, a figure not comparable with the 4,300 units of April 2020 (+ 3,276%), the month of lockdown and blocking of production activities, but which if compared with the same period of 2019 reveals a volume contraction of 17.1%. A similar situation emerges in the four-month period, with a decline of 16.9% on February-April 2020.

The end of the incentives

As pointed out by the Centro Studi Promotor, these are decreases that do not fully reflect the actual market situation which is actually even more negative, given that two years ago in the period considered there were no incentives in force for traditionally driven cars – with CO2 emissions from 61 to 135 gr / km -, while from 1 January last the Ecobonus game has provided 250 million on this category of vehicles.


This is a family of incentives in effect until the end of June but essentially exhausted. “This allocation – underlines Gian Primo Quagliano of the Centro Studi Promotor – has undoubtedly supported the demand without, however, being able to completely compensate for the highly negative impact of the pandemic. To this we must add that the funds ran out on 8 April last ».

The outlook for 2021

Technically, the “push” of the incentives booked before the exhaustion of resources should last until the first half of May. Then, for the car market, a much more severe crisis could open up than that recorded in the first four months of the year and which could lead 2021 to close below the already catastrophic result of 2020. Year in which, with one million and 381,646 cars sold, it has gone back to the levels of the seventies.

To feel the pulse of how deep the car crisis is in Europe, just look at the results of the other large markets: in April sales in France were 140,428 with a decrease of 25.4% compared to the same month of 2019, as announced the CCFA, the French car manufacturers committee. Since January, registrations have been 592,219, 21.5% compared to the four months of 2019.


April thousand registrations Italy compared years Covid

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