The Roma World Park is open

After months of closures it is finally time to leave the house, to return to live experiences in safety, in the open air, immersed in nature. To leave behind months of Covid.

For children and families tired of limitations, the wait is over: a new park, Roma World, opens in the capital and promises to take guests back in time, to enjoy the outdoors and live a day like an Ancient Romans.

Roma World is a real village of the Roman legions, located next to the Cinecittà World amusement park, on Via Pontina, 10 minutes from Rome.

In the camp the guest gives himself an outdoor picnic, rediscovers true contact with nature, eats like the ancient Romans, becomes a Gladiator for a day, goes shopping among the stalls of the ancient market, meets the animals of the farm, admire the flight of the eagle and other spectacular birds of prey, get lost in the paths in the cork groves and live a unique experience … there, where it all began!

“Roma World is the first new tourism project in Italy to open in the Covid era”, comments Stefano Cigarini, CEO of Cinecittà World Spa. “With the distance guaranteed by open spaces in nature, access reserved only for tickets purchased online, limited admissions, Roma World offers a special day, in safety, to people who have not been able to enjoy themselves outside the home for a long time. “

The park officially opens every weekend and holidays from 11am to 6pm and every day in summer, in compliance with anti Covid-19 protocols and regulations.

Guests access through the Entrance Ticket for € 15, which includes all activities and shows, or the Entrance Ticket + Ancient Rome Food for € 29, which includes lunch or dinner in the park, or the Legionary Package for € 49 per person , which will also allow, from June 1st, to sleep in the camp with breakfast the next morning. DIY camping enthusiasts can also bring their own tent with them.

Tickets, information and calendar are available on the website

Are you ready to live a day as an ancient Roman? … Let the story begin!

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