Refusals, the TAR does not suspend the Zingaretti ordinance. Rome as commissioner, it is decided after 25 May

Refusals, the TAR does not suspend the Zingaretti ordinance. Rome as commissioner, it is decided after 25 May
Refusals, the TAR does not suspend the Zingaretti ordinance. Rome as commissioner, it is decided after 25 May

In the total confrontation generated by the appeal to the TAR presented by the administration Rays against the Zingaretti ordinance on waste, the first round goes to the Region. The Lazio TAR has in fact rejected the appeal with which Roma Capitale requested the suspension of the ordinance of last April 1 by the governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti. An ordinance which, we recall, among other things announced the appointment of a commissioner if the Raggi administration had not identified by last Friday the places where to build (within the boundaries of the municipality of Rome) the landfill and the tmb necessary for the Capital. In the provision rejecting the suspension, President Mezzacapo set the council chamber for 25 May in which to discuss the appeal and then decide on the possible suspension of the act adopted by Zingaretti.

Commissioner, postpone the decision

According to what is learned, the region has decided to wait for that date to decide on the Rome commissioner. The conditions seem to be there today. The ordinance asked the Municipality to indicate a service landfill within its territorial area, as required by the waste plan: the Municipality has repeatedly reiterated that it will not do so. He also asked to arrange the tender for the transport of waste abroad: at the moment there is no news of the tender. Ama is asked to make further agreements with other regions for the transport of waste and scraps: at the moment these agreements are not yet defined. Yesterday, the president Nicola Zingaretti spoke clearly: “There is an ordinance that asks the Municipality to make a plant plan and to indicate the places where waste is delivered. This plan has not arrived”. The president of the Lazio region appealed to the Municipality of Rome: “I am making an appeal because I find crowds taking away money from Romans to take the waste to other Italian regions. I do not want to get to the commissioner but if Rome does not present the plan, the Region he will have to do something in the next few days “.

For the Municipality, Zingaretti is lying

The answer came today from the armed wing of Virginia Raggi, Katia Ziantoni, councilor for waste of Rome Capital. “Rome already has a waste plan. Zingaretti continues to lie to the Romans.” Ziantoni mentions in his post on facebook the plan recently presented at the press conference, still far from being implemented: “The multi-year industrial plan, adopted by Rome and already sent to the Lazio Region, says yes to: 2 treatment plants of the organic fraction, a Casal Selce and Cesano (authorized by the Lazio Region in 2020); 1 new Tmb for the treatment of undifferentiated waste for which Ama is undergoing negotiations in the industrial area of ​​Santa Palomba; the acquisition of 1 existing plant for the treatment of unsorted waste ; 2 multi sorting plants (plastic and metals) and paper, one of which in Rocca Cencia through the conversion of the existing Tmb; 17 new collection centers, some of which started up thanks to regional contributions; 15 composters partly co-financed by the Region and further self-composting projects; 1 strategic model on food waste envisaged in the new Economic and Financial Plan; 37,000 new bins; the replacement of the vehicle fleet; 2 new hiring plans; 65% of separate collection by 2024, as dictated by recent European directives. The implementation of the industrial plan is in line with the time frame envisaged by the regional waste plan, that is to 2024 “.

Plan failed, the M5s changes their mind

A plan, the one mentioned by Ziantoni, different from the one propagated for years by the M5s and by the mayor Raggi in the first place who over the years has always excluded the need for new plants because, at the end of the mandate, that is, in 2021, or today, the differentiation would be due reach over 70%. To date, since the arrival of Raggi, it has moved by very few percentage points, reaching just under 46%. Today a new time horizon is set, 2024, and new “excuses” are indicated to proceed to resolve the waste issue. In fact, we recall that before 2019 the excuse put forward by the Raggi junta was the absence of the waste plan. When the waste floor arrived, the Monte Carnevale landfill was indicated. In this new emergency the councilor Ziantoni indicated in the absence of the PTPR the impossibility of indicating a suitable site. Approved the PTPR, now in the communication it has been decided to challenge the ordinance, the waste plan and the entire management of the Zingaretti administration. The same plan does not prescribe how to close the waste cycle. Mayor Raggi said this to the citizens who were pressing her on the Rocca Cencia revamping project. “The waste can certainly go to the Guidonia TBM”, finding the opposition of the party colleague Barbet.

Ziantoni against the Lazio region

According to Ziantoni “the Lazio Region, by ordinance, would like to impose a landfill in Rome knowing full well that there are no suitable areas within the city, unless you want to return to the same sites of” planning attention “, known to the news. Also by order, Zingaretti would like to impose the revamping of the Tmb of Rocca Cencia, in spite of the citizens who for years have been asking for the redevelopment of the quadrant, forgetting that his councilor, Valeriani, came down to protect the territory when the Tmb Salario (twin of Rocca Cencia) it was still in operation, with only one difference: Municipio III is led by the PD, the VI by the M5S “.

The waste plan prescribes a landfill for both the high province of Rome and that of Rome city. Furthermore, Ziantoni omits that the Tmb Salario closed not by the will of the Region but due to a fire. Also on the Tmb Salario, it should be emphasized how the then councilor Montanari (M5s), denied the olfactory damage reported by the residents, speaking of the need to install electronic noses to detect miasma. Still on the tmb Salario, after the opposition battles, in the two years of municipal government, the M5s has practically never fought for closure, being the same fundamental for the closure of the waste cycle in Rome. Again: to want the modernization of Rocca Cencia, indicating it as a waste management center, is Ama, a company led by a management chosen in all respects by Virginia Raggi.

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