The left takes it out on itself, Santanché unmasks Conte & co’s own goal. – The weather

The left takes it out on itself, Santanché unmasks Conte & co’s own goal. – The weather
The left takes it out on itself, Santanché unmasks Conte & co’s own goal. – The weather

Giorgia Peretti

03 May 2021

Fedez’s monologue on May 1st also resounds in the studies of L’Aria che tira, the morning study program conducted by Myrta Merlino on La 7. In the episode of May 3, the main theme of the first block of the broadcast is the political debate and ideological stemming from the singer’s speech on stage. A speech that had an earthquake effect even among the buildings of the state TV, accused of censorship by the rapper himself. Thus the Fedez case breaks out, lashing out against the politicized institutions and defending the rights promoted by the Zan bill.

The episode hosts Daniela Santanchè, of Fratelli d’Italia, who just in these hours has published a decidedly eloquent tweet: “The synthesis is: Pd and CinqueStelle, united around their reference intellectual Fedez, are calling for the resignation of the Rai top management. Nominated by Pd and Cinque Stelle. The word farce does not convey the idea … “. From this part of his speech that effectively unmasks the hypocrisy of these hours of political parties that have railed against the censorship of Rai and have offered their support to the singer. Santanchè replies: “On Fedez it is all a controversy on the center left because when the leaders of Rai attack, we must not be virgins, Rai 3 has always been governed and appointed by the left and in the last case by the Pd and M5s. They go against the very men they themselves put there. So it is a short circuit that does not make sense because they take it out on themselves this is the theme “, continues Santanchè.

Then with regard to the content of the bill that was the subject of Fedez’s speech on May 1st, the deputy of FdI expressed her dissent on the idea of ​​being able to see a child being raised by two parents of the same sex: “This thing presupposes rent ”, says Santanchè who also denounces the impossibility of having a peaceful debate on the discussion of the bill. “Here there is a single thought, you have to say yes regardless of the Zan bill without saying a word or if you disagree you are silenced, you are insulted, they tell you all the colors and this tells you a lot – it refers to Merlin – on how much this bill has been ideologized. There is no peaceful debate “, continues the guest. Then the complaint against users who write to her on social media insulting and threatening her because they do not agree with her opinions on the matter:” The problem with the Zan bill is that here if you don’t think so you are accused of anything. Just look at my social networks that, when I express my opinion, I receive death threats ”, concludes Santanchè.

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left takes Santanché unmasks Conte cos goal weather

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