“Go to trial with immediate rite”

“Go to trial with immediate rite”
“Go to trial with immediate rite”

The Milan Public Prosecutor has asked for an immediate trial for the web entrepreneur Alberto Genovese for alleged sexual violence, with the sale of drugs, against an 18 year old in Milan last October and a 23 year old in Ibiza last July.

Alberto Genovese, the story of the rape: “In Ibiza, the month of collapse, day and night to take drugs”

The request concerns the charges for which the former start-up wizard he has been in prison since 6 November and for which he also received a second ordinance in February. The investigating judge Tommaso Perna will have to decide on the request of the adjunct Letizia Mannella and the prosecutors Rosaria Stagnaro and Paolo Filippini. Meanwhile, the defense of Genovese today presented a request for release to the investigating judge.

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