Internet of Things, in Italy a 6 billion market. It holds smart metering

The Italian Internet of Things market holds despite the pandemic. The turnover of the IoT is equal to 6 billion euros, with a physiological and more than ever acceptable decline of 3% due to Covid 19 compared to an increase of + 24% in 2019 and + 35% in 2018. This is what emerges from the latest data made available by the Internet of Things Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano.

Spending is divided almost in half between applications that exploit cellular connectivity (3 billion euros, -6%) and those that use other communication technologies (3 billion euros, stable compared to 2019).

93 million connected objects in Italy

I’m 93 million IoT connections active in Italy, of which 34 million cellular connections (+ 10%) and 59 million enabled by other technologies (+ 15%). Among these, the Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks emerge, reaching one million connections (+ 100%) for the first time.

A strong push also comes from the component of services related to connected objects, with a value of 2.4 billion euros and a growth of 4%, in contrast to the general trend of the market.

IoT in Italy: first market segment Smart Metering & Smart Asset Management in Utilities

The first segment of the IoT market is constituted by the Smart Metering & Smart Asset Management nelle Utility, with a value of 1.5 billion (-13%) which represents 25% of the total, still driven by regulatory obligations. In 2020, another 2.7 million gas meters were installed connected to domestic users, bringing the diffusion to 69% of the total park, and well 4.8 million electric smart meters second generation, reaching 50% of the total number of electricity meters.

The Smart Car follows, with a turnover of 1.18 billion euros (-2%), equal to 20% of the market, and 17.3 million connected vehicles (45% of the fleet in Italy), and the Smart Building, which is worth € 685 million (+ 2%) and is mainly linked to video surveillance and energy consumption management inside the building.

The sector that grows the most is Smart Agricotlure

The sector with the most significant growth is the Smart Agricolture (140 million euros, + 17%), driven by solutions for monitoring and controlling agricultural vehicles and equipment, connected machinery and robots for field activities.

Smart solutions for the factory and logistics

Solutions are also growing smart for the factory (385 million euros, + 10%), the Smart Logistics (610 million euros, + 4%), with solutions used for the management of company fleets and satellite alarms and 1.9 million vehicles for goods transport connected via SIM, and the Smart City (560 million euros, + 8%), which sees an increase in the number of projects launched by the municipalities and the first successful examples of public-private partnerships.

On the other hand, the Smart Home (505 million euros, -5%) and the scope Smart Asset Management in contexts other than utilities (265 million euros, -20%), mainly linked to the monitoring of gambling machine used for gambling (740,000), lifts (580,000) and vending machines (130,000).

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