Generali strengthens its leadership in Italy, premiums of 25.6 billion (+ 4%) – Economy

(ANSA) – MILAN, 03 MAY – Generali strengthens its leadership in Italy, with over 25.6 billion in premiums, up 4%, against a market that has contracted by 5%, impacted by the pandemic emergency. This is what emerges from the 2020 premium ranking published by Ania, the national association of insurance companies. Adding up the premiums recorded in the non-life and life classes, the company led by Marco Sesana confirms itself in first place in the ranking with an incidence of 16.93% of the total market. Followed by Intesa Vita with over 21.8 billion euros and Poste Vita with over 16.9 billion. The ANIA ranking is based on the Ivass Group Register, updated as of March 31, 2021, and considers all the companies that responded to the survey, whether national, representatives of European companies (equal to 60 companies for a market share estimated at about 90%) and non-European, as well as companies operating in Italy under the freedom to provide services system belonging to insurance groups present in the register. (HANDLE).


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Generali strengthens leadership Italy premiums billion Economy

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