The case of the Loggia Hungary, Pietro Amara and Giuseppe Calafiore were investigated in Milan

The case of the Loggia Hungary, Pietro Amara and Giuseppe Calafiore were investigated in Milan
The case of the Loggia Hungary, Pietro Amara and Giuseppe Calafiore were investigated in Milan

On the case of the alleged lodge Hungary, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office already a year ago, on 9 May 2020, had registered the Sicilian lawyer Piero Amara by secret association, the very one who had spoken to the Milanese prosecutors of the organization that conditioned appointments in the judiciary and in public offices, his former collaborator Alessandro Ferraro and his former partner Giuseppe Calafiore. This is what ANSA learns from qualified sources. The dossier, which is creating a new storm among the robes, was sent for competence to the Prosecutor of Perugia last December after a meeting after the summer with Raffaele Cantone.

The same prosecutor of Milan Francesco Greco is preparing a report to reconstruct the steps and timing relating to the management of the file, then transmitted to Perugia, on the alleged lodge Hungary, a case that is creating a storm among the judiciary and has ignited a clash, due to a different way of conducting investigations, with prosecutor Paolo Storari. Greco, as ANSA learns from qualified sources, could send this reconstruction to the CSM in view of a possible proceeding on the matter.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Storari is ready, when necessary, to report to the CSM, starting from written documents, to explain the decision, in his opinion of “self-protection” in the face of the inertia of the prosecutor Francesco Greco, to deliver the minutes of Amara, questioned as part of the investigation into the “false Eni conspiracy”, in Davigo, however convinced that the Prime Minister’s Committee would also be notified. In his statements Amara, starting from 2019, had spoken of the existence of the secret lodge Hungary, which would also include magistrates.

For Storari it was necessary to immediately enter some names in the register of suspects to look for evidence to those statements which, otherwise, could have been slanders. The formally correct path provided that the prosecutor – after having sent at least a dozen emails in a few months to the top of the Public Prosecutor’s Office without, according to him, having an answer – wrote a letter to the CSM presidential committee. The inertia of the leaders, according to the prosecutor’s reconstruction, would have lasted about 6 months, between the end of 2019 and May 2020.

The prosecutor believes that he has essentially followed the indications provided by a Cms circular of ’94 which reads: “The prosecutor who proceeds must immediately notify the Council with an envelope reserved to the Presidential Committee of all the news of the crime as well as of all other facts and circumstances concerning magistrates that may have relevance with respect to the powers of the Board ».

According to this reconstruction, the investigation that the prosecutor wanted to carry out would have been blocked so as not to invalidate the ongoing process on the Eni-Shell / Nigeria affair. Process that among the great accusers also saw the former Eni manager Vincenzo Armanna, linked to Amara and also investigated in the investigation into the false plot from which Storari was called out for a few weeks. In the Eni-Nigeria case, among other things, the Milanese prosecutors sent part of Amara’s minutes to Brescia in which a shadow was cast on the judges (archived file). Judges who acquitted all the accused.

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