the urban artwork that appeared at Milan’s central station

Photo by Radio Lombardia

“It will be true” is the title of the 700 square meter work of art, installed at the Milan central station in honor of the World Press Freedom Day. 75 thousand pages of Italian newspapers on the floor.

In data May 3 and celebrate the World Press Freedom Day to highlight the importance of freedom of the press and remind governments of their duty to uphold and enforce the freedom of speech enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

“It will be true” is the work of art dedicated by the collective PXLs to World Press Freedom Day. Symbolic – just like the title – also the place chosen for the exhibition: the Central Station from Milan.

The purpose of the work is to raise awareness of true information and educate the right way to learn the news.

This is not a provocation, but an invitation to reflect, as the collective itself explains.

The problem of disinformation, or misinformation, is a problem of particular importance in Italy and this has emerged even more during the last year.

“It will be true” is on the floor because PXLs wants to make it clear that, in the same way as the work in question, even real news is often trampled or manipulated.

The work will be walkable in a reduced version in the station concourse until May 7 and then the newspapers used will be converted into paintings, loaded with messages and reflections on the role of journalism and freedom of the press.

The canvases will be put up for sale and the proceeds will go to Reporters Without Borders.


urban artwork appeared Milans central station

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