9 rooms found. We work on the expression of interest

9 rooms found. We work on the expression of interest
9 rooms found. We work on the expression of interest

The presentation to the press in December, the memorandum of arrival at the end of January, the announcement in the coming days. The goal is to allow the mayor, candidate for an encore, Virginia Raggi, to inaugurate the initiative by the summer, in the middle of the election campaign. Advance the project “The work nobility the neighborhood”, the initiative with which Roma Capitale intends to assign abandoned municipal premises to entrepreneurs from the suburbs. Objective favor theemployment of young people in the neighborhood, redevelop abandoned buildings in the suburbs and offer development opportunities to the local economy.

The project aims to create an entrepreneurial network at the service of some suburban districts of Rome, in order to counter situations of socio-economic marginalization and organized crime in the area. In this sense, the enhancement of some unused commercial premises of the assets of Rome Capital should be read, which will be assigned to those who undertake to create new jobs in places where high unemployment rates are recorded, carrying out commercial, recreational-recreational activities or new services for the neighborhood in which they are located.

The premises will be assigned through an expression of interest which, according to what is learned, could be published in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the first nine rooms suitable for the project have been found. Seven are located in the X Town Hall, of which six are in Acilia in Largo del Capelvenere and one in Ostia in via delle Baleari, two others are in San Basilio, Town Hall IV, in via Luigi Gigliotti and via Carlo Tranfo.

What is missing from the publication of the expression of interest? The property and housing policies department is working hard, at the strong request of the delegate to the suburbs Federica Angeli, for the determination of the fees. This is not a secondary step because, if the structures are free for two years, they will have to be paid for from the third. There should be the possibility of deducting the investments made, but the fees must be quantified. The objective would also be to identify other premises in order to go out with a richer expression of interest.

In confirmation of the work in progress, the note reads: “The Heritage and Housing Policies Department will prepare the due diligence, the estimate of the rent, the calculation of any necessary initial work and the stipulation of the contracts accompanying the expression of interest, while the Tourism, Vocational Training and Work Department will activate the public tender procedure aimed at the assignment “.

The project is strategic in the context of election campaign of the mayor Raggi, all focused on the suburbs. “We are starting from the suburbs to support entrepreneurs who have been penalized by the pandemic and to offer new professional perspectives especially to the youngest, also to avoid the risk that they may be attracted by the easy promises of criminal organizations present in some neighborhoods of the city. With this project we want to give an important signal of institutional presence in the areas most at risk of economic and social hardship, to protect the most vulnerable who live in those territories and to support those who want to put a new commercial activity at the service of the community, also giving value to our heritage real estate “declares the first citizen.

“At a time when Rome, like the rest of Italy, needs to restart, to give the outskirts of the capital the opportunity to be reborn through work, hiring, light is a real revolution. It’s nice to see our neighborhoods revive. This it is the attention and help that the citizens of those neighborhoods that have been abandoned for too long deserve “, adds Federica Angeli, the Delegate of Roma Capitale to the Suburbs.

The Municipality will support entrepreneurs in identifying suitable workers for the project. Explains Andrea Coia, Councilor for Economic Development, Tourism and Work: “For the identification of the required profiles, we guarantee the collaboration of the network of Job Orientation Centers and Vocational Training Centers of Roma Capitale which for years have presided over the territories and provided services useful to the community, especially to the most fragile people “.

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