Chairs with more than 18 hours, excess hours paid on 31/08 or 30/06

Secondary school staff as 2021/22, chairs over 18 hours: excess hours paid on 30 June or 31 August?

Organic note

The Ministry has published note no. 13520 of 04/29/2021, which indicates, among other things, the places authorized by law for the academic year 2021/22:

  • 620.623 common places
  • 106.179 support posts
  • 50.202 places intended for upgrading

Secondary school chairs

The chairs of the secondary school must consist of 18 hours per week, according to what is the compulsory teaching schedule of the teachers defined by the CCNL and safeguarding the teaching unity of each discipline.

In the school upper secondary secondary school, if it is not possible to establish chairs of 18 hours, even by resorting to a different modular organization, it is possible to proceed with the formation of the same with a timetable inferior, provided they have a weekly timetable of at least 15 hours. For the sole purpose of guaranteeing the ownership of finally, it is possible to train supernumerary teachers professorships with a weekly timetable of up to 20 hours, provided that it is not possible to form them as mentioned above.

In lower secondary school, in order to guarantee the unity of teaching of a discipline within it section, it is possible to establish professorships longer than 18 hours.

Therefore, it is possible to set up chairs of more than 18 hours on the staff of the first grade secondary school and the second grade secondary school. Since these are professorships established with more than 18 hours already in staff by law, the hours exceeding 18 are considered useful for contractual purposes for the entire school year and therefore paid until 31 August.

Pieces equal to or less than 6 hours

The establishment of chairs longer than 18 hours, as well as in the body of law, can take place later, at the beginning of the school year.

The annual notes on substitutions dedicate a specific paragraph to the assignment of teaching hours equal to or less than 6 hours per week, assignment which, from the current school year, is governed by OM n. 60/2020.

On the basis of the aforementioned OM, the headmaster attributes to the teachers of the autonomy staff segments equal to or less than 6 hours per week, which do not contribute to constituting chairs or time positions, as additional hours beyond the compulsory hours up to a maximum of 24 hours per week.

For the purposes of assigning the aforementioned hours it is necessary that the teacher concerned:

  • has given their consent in this regard;
  • is in possession of a specific qualification or specialization in support or, alternatively, a qualification valid for teaching the subject.

The payment of the hours exceeding 18, in this case, is foreseen until 30/06, as clarified by the Mystery of the Economy and Finance with the circular n. 33247 of 04/07/2016.

The circular distinguishes, as stated above, between professorships established in law with more than 18 hours (institutional chairs) and hours exceeding 18 attributed according to the aforementioned modality and available in the de facto staff:

  • for the first ones (professorships established by law with more than 18 hours) the excess hours must be paid until 31/08;
  • for the latter (excess hours available in the de facto staff) hours exceeding 6pm must be paid until 30/06.


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