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ROME – The panel test, the organoleptic analysis of oils, remains the only tool capable of protecting those who produce and those who sell quality extra virgin olive oil. This was stated by the president of Italia Olivicola, Fabrizio Pini, regarding the results of the Salvagente investigation on false extra virgin oils, according to which out of 15 products of EU and non-EU origin analyzed by three laboratories 7 did not pass the panel test and they have been downgraded to virgin oils.

“A tool that we will continue to defend strenuously from the attacks of those who think they can trample on the work of thousands of people in the name of business”, Pini explains, explaining that “the vast majority of EU and non-EU oil blends, in addition to demeaning the product and to diminish the value with bargain prices, they are not even extra virgin, as stated on the label, and damage the entire quality chain “. Hence the president’s appeal to all citizens, “buy a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, traced, controlled, even DOP or IGP, to be sure of a quality product that is good for taste and health “.



Oil Italia Olivicola panel test unmasks fraud Food Health

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