Football: Women’s Futsal Bitonto wins the Italian Cup A2 – Puglia

Mayor welcomed the bus with athletes at the toll booth and raised the trophy

(ANSA) – BARI, MAY 03 – Polisportiva Bitonto won the Italian Cup in the women’s A2 series in 5-a-side football, defeating Audace Verona 3-1 in Porto San Giorgio yesterday. Mayor Michele Abbaticchio welcomed the team and the cup last night at the Bitonto motorway exit. “It gave me enormous pleasure to welcome Bitonto to women’s Futsal after winning the Italian Cup, on arrival at the toll booth,” he writes on facebook.
“The president gave me the cup when I got out of the bus and I raised it in the name of a community that experienced a moment of happiness in so much pain, thanks to this club and these girls. Then I went home with the sport councilor Domenico Nacci because, unfortunately, the curfew was about to strike “. The girls remained in the bus while the mayor with the president raised the cup.
“I wish these girls who have raised the name of the city – says Abbaticchio – the sense of belonging to a community that, at times, can turn into a family”. (HANDLE).


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Football Womens Futsal Bitonto wins Italian Cup Puglia

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