The Pinacoteca di Brera reopens: farewell tickets, the era of the nominal card begins

The Pinacoteca di Brera reopens: farewell tickets, the era of the nominal card begins
The Pinacoteca di Brera reopens: farewell tickets, the era of the nominal card begins

Milano – The Brera ‘s picture gallery reopens to the public of Milanese and tourists starting from Tuesday 4 May 2021. Since the beginning of the pandemic, in compliance with the ministerial provisions, the museum has been forced to close on three occasions (March 2020, November 2020, February 2021): a detachment difficult every time without ever interrupting the dialogue with visitors, thanks to an enhanced online proposal and the innovation represented by Brera Plus + and its exclusive and original contents.

Admission is once again paid, after from June 2020 to today, as a sign of gratitude and solidarity towards the city, the Pinacoteca di Brera was offered to the public free of charge. The Temporary Business Association, which since Tuesday 4 May supports the Pinacoteca (and has reabsorbed the ticket office staff in service in Brera thanks to the social clause desired by the museum) is made up of some of the most important entrepreneurial realities active for years in the sector: Opera Laboratori Fiorentini, Civita Exhibitions and Museums, TicketOne Sistemi Culturali and Marsilio Editori.

A novelty that marks one revolution in the use of the museum: what you buy is no longer an anonymous ticket, but a nominal card BreraCard which entitles you to visit the rooms of the physical museum and to access for a year at virtual museum rooms, Brera Plus +. It will also be possible to purchase the temporary card of the Amici di Brera e return to the museum for free an unlimited number of times for three months. An extended offer that does not provide for any adjustment of the rates, which remain those pre-Covid: the cost of BreraCard is 15 euros (reduced 13 euros; special reduced 2 euros for children aged 18 to 25 and 1 euro on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for over 65; free admission for children up to 18 years, with the obligation to be accompanied by an adult for children under 12). There reservation online is mandatory.

In this way, the Pinacoteca no longer intends to address simple visitors, often linked to a model of visit bite and flee, but he wants to welcome gods shareholders that with Brera share visions, projects, memories. A process that fully realizes the idea of ​​the social role played for its community by the Pinacoteca: that is a museum far from mass tourism (already before the pandemic), in any case now over, and rather interested in arousing a sense of sharing and belonging.

«With this new reopening, after long months, we are taking another step towards normality. But not towards normalcy as before, but one post-Covid normality which provides new ways of acting, interacting, working and thinking », he declares James M. Bradburne, director of the Brera Art Gallery and the Braidense National Library: «the ticket in this vision belongs to the past, as well as the visitor. In the post-Covid world, without wanting to recreate a fragile dependence on mass tourism, our commitment is towards the community: the ticket becomes a card and the visitor becomes a member which is part of the Braidense community. The museum is transformed, as Franco Russoli wanted, into a place of engagement, which supports the citizen from birth to death. This is how we express our double mission: Brera in the heart of the city, the user in the center of Brera ».

Even the exhibition halls reserve new features, with the possibility of admiring the fantasy by Mario Mafai, already told online in the closing months. Finally, they reopen the Fernanda coffee and the Brera workshop, the bookshop of the Pinacoteca (closed for more than a year) which will be completely renovated in the coming months.

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