Exhibitions: at the Civic Aquarium of Milan Shipwrecked and shipwrecked – Lombardy

15 oil paintings by Barbara Pietrasanta are exhibited

(ANSA) – MILAN, 03 MAY – The exhibition “Shipwrecked and shipwrecked” by Barbara Pietrasanta is developed around the theme of shipwreck as a metaphor for life, hosted at the Acquario Civico in Milan until 30 May.

The review, promoted by the Municipality of Milan – Culture, by the Aquarium and Civic Hydrobiological Station, curated by Diego Pasqualin, is part of the “Women’s talents” schedule, promoted by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Milan and dedicated to the universe of women.

Pietrasanta has developed his pictorial project working for more than a year on the theme of shipwrecks developed on 15 large canvases and made exclusively with the technique of oil colors. In his research, the artist brings into play the fundamental themes linked to the profound meaning of existence and individual identity, set in an extremely contemporary reality in which all certainties seem to vanish in the face of the unpredictable events of life. As Diego Pasqualin, curator of the exhibition, writes, “The sea is only a pretext for Pietrasanta. It is the world that this painter wants to invite me to observe. The ship of the ego is lying on the bottom of the waters that have submerged or, perhaps, made visible the polluted depths of society and, the crossing of this historical moment, is now charged with that same hope that I could rename Lampedusa. ” (HANDLE).


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Exhibitions Civic Aquarium Milan Shipwrecked shipwrecked Lombardy

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