Like Fantozzi, Ivan Tamburrini on the balcony of the ring road. The photo goes viral – Il Tempo

Like Fantozzi, Ivan Tamburrini on the balcony of the ring road. The photo goes viral – Il Tempo
Like Fantozzi, Ivan Tamburrini on the balcony of the ring road. The photo goes viral – Il Tempo

Francesco Fredella

03 May 2021

We talked about it exclusively in the issue of Saturday 1st May. Now check the photo, which goes viral. In Rome, in via degli Orti Variani, the historic balcony of Fantozzi has come back to life thanks to Ivan Tamburrini, who manages the page “Il socio Aci” (a community with over 4 million members, entirely dedicated to Italian comedy). From that balcony, Fantozzi took the bus quickly, throwing himself into the void to recover time and arrive at the office without delay.

At 11 in the morning on Sunday Tamburrini knocks on the apartment, which is located close to the East ring road of Rome. And he finds that house, famous thanks to one of the first Village films. On the Facebook page of “Il socio Aci”, in addition to our article on Saturday, the photo appears from that balcony. The description? That phrase from Fantozzi: “I’ve never done it, but I’ve always dreamed of it”. In fact, Signora Pina told Ugo not to risk such a risky maneuver. Which, on the other hand, entered the history of Italian cinema by right. Applause. An epic, mythical, unforgettable scene.

“We practically stalked the owner. Months and months of stalking to figure out who that house was. We wanted to enter there at all costs and look out onto the balcony that made Paolo Villaggio famous ”, Tamburrini tells Il Tempo. “We succeeded”. Even the great Milena Vukotic, historic wife of Fantozzi, smiled when we told her about the initiative. “I wasn’t there during that Fantozzi. I was Mrs. Pina from the third Fantozzi to the last, the one on the threshold of 2000 ”, says the actress. “One of the iconic scenes. The houses, inside, were all more or less similar: the same furniture in all the films. But that scene no one can forget. Me neither”. La Pina, as Fantozzi said, has lived the house in every film. “Paolo had a lot of human sense – recalls the actress – when I think of him I cannot forget our friendship. Which I have had the honor of carrying on for years. Paolo was a man of rare sense of humor, he considered himself a writer. But he was a great actor. he created a clown, who was Fantozzi, and we all thank him. When we saw each other, away from the set, we never talked about work. Never movies. A bit like it happened for Totò and Antonio De Curtis, Paolo also had the skeleton of Fantozzi in the wardrobe. They were two things and two very different people ”.

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