Milan: the Baggio, Isola and Chiaravalle districts protagonists of May

Milan: the Baggio, Isola and Chiaravalle districts protagonists of May
Milan: the Baggio, Isola and Chiaravalle districts protagonists of May

Milan: the Baggio, Isola and Chiaravalle districts protagonists of May

Baggio, Isola and Chiaravalle they are the first protagonists of the journey to discover the neighborhoods. Neighborhood by Neighborhood – this is the title of the city’s promotion campaign – invites you to discover places, sounds and people in the Milanese neighborhoods. Thanks to the direct collaboration with the local actors, every month three key districts will come alive with extraordinary openings, workshops, presentations, exhibitions and tours to welcome all those who may be tourists in their city. We start with Baggio, Isola and Chiaravalle, whose parks bloom right in spring and offer the opportunity for outdoor trips and greenery without leaving the city. The ancient village of Baggio comes alive with the “Primavera di Baggio” review and the new “Gli orti di Baggio” review, as well as offering beautiful itineraries in the Parco delle Cave. Chiaravalle celebrates the 800 years of the Abbey, for a ride a stone’s throw from the city center. And finally Isola with the Library of the Trees and the artisan shops.

“I am convinced – declares the councilor for tourism Roberta Guaineri – that the forced stop due to the pandemic emergency has given us the opportunity to rethink a new idea of ​​tourism, a new idea of ​​the city: safe, green, innovative and above all open and welcoming. A ‘slow’ and sustainable tourism, therefore, which reflects our development project of a city 15 minutes away, polycentric and welcoming, enhancing all that heritage of architectural and artistic beauties and all those excellences still far from the traditional tourist circuits. This campaign represents a precious opportunity to enhance the territory and at the same time to renew the spirit of identity of the Milanese ”.

The communication campaign launched with the YesMilano brand is a project by Milano & Partners, the promotion agency of the city of Milan, promoted by the Municipality of Milan and the Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce. The campaign was born following a two-day Design Marathon, organized by NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, which involved 50 students from the Communication and Graphic Design, Design and Media Design and New Technologies areas of the Academy, with which Milano & Partners has a partnership has been signed for the development of creativity. “Working to relaunch the city with YesMilano – says Donato Medici, Managing Director of NABA – means transforming a denial, MilaNo (historic Milanese joke), into a Yes. And all of a sudden yes. full of positive energy “.

The result of this collaboration are the posters that will color the city during the months of promotion, each one dedicated to a neighborhood, which sees places and symbols as protagonists without forgetting the people, the “face” of the neighborhoods, identified directly on and with the territory among people who live and they work in the neighborhoods themselves, as well as the idea of ​​developing a playlist for each neighborhood, which becomes the soundtrack of the city. The campaign makes use of the collaboration of Gitec, which for one weekend a month will accompany the discovery of the neighborhoods with thematic tours, and of Goooders Milano who will identify the Goood Points in the neighborhoods: places that aggregate and involve in projects of environmental, social and cultural heritage and Goood Ambassadors, who tell about the neighborhood and their experiences in order to inspire and invite neighborhood citizens to become an active part of the life and good – goood – of the neighborhood.

The districts protagonists of May

A trip to Baggio. The silence of the Parco delle Cave, the vitality of a village in the city. This is the ‘claim’ that invites people to rediscover the neighborhood that will come alive in May thanks to the historic “Primavera di Baggio”, this year in a version adapted to the times with reduced-admission concerts every Saturday at the Old Church. The Sundays of the month will instead be animated thanks to an initiative conceived and promoted directly by the territory, “the gardens of Baggio”, which will see music as the protagonist, with the collaboration of clubs and artists who will offer listening music to those who will sit in one of the many participating clubs. Exhibitions, entertainment for the little ones will also animate other moments of the day, and a walk to the Parco delle Cave will also be a must for the tourists of Baggio, to discover a wooded ecosystem that distinguishes the fauna of the park and its old farmhouses. LINK

By bike a Clairvaux. An ancient and green oasis a stone’s throw from the center. Thus opens the story of the second quarter of the month of May. In the first weekend the celebrations for the 800 years of the historic Abbey – with a celebration in period costume on Sunday 2 May – open the month in the neighborhood, to continue with thematic visits throughout the month. On 15 and 16 May, on the occasion of the FAI days, walk to discover the Borgo, while on the weekend of 21 and 22 May “Genoma Chiaravalle”, performances, projections and explorations around biodiversity by TerzoPascape. For those who stop in the neighborhood, a stop in the refreshment areas finally reopened to the public and ready to welcome cyclists who can then get back into the green even with the mountain bike trails of the Vettabbia park cannot be missed. LINK

Walking around theIsola. Old Milan shops, with a look at the skyscrapers. And finally Isola, another district that is the protagonist of the month, which is on display thanks to extraordinary openings in the district of Isola Artigiana, which for two weekends will accompany visitors to get to know the best of local production with itineraries to discover products. On May 15th the season of the Biblioteca degli Alberi opens, with “è Pimavera @ BAM” and its activities: BAM workshop kids and adults, BAM fitness and walks, poems and stories in the trees. Also in May, the activities to discover the know-how “to do and create” of La stecca3 return and a walk around the island can only end sitting in one of the many new open spaces, with the nose up. LINK

The Neighborhood by Neighborhood campaign will continue until September, with other neighborhoods taking center stage. All collaborations, neighborhood schedules and active projects are constantly updated and implemented on the dedicated hub – – on the website.

The following collaborated in the development of the campaign: Francesco di Rosa, Alberta Schiatti, Olimpia Vianini Tolomei, Luca Galli. Martina Cannizzaro, Emanuele Rotoli, Francesco Gigante, Marco Petrone, Magda Cicchitti, Davide Fraterno, Elena Ciuffreda, Ginevra Turco, Giulia Mingucci, Laura Travaglini, Lorenzo Vio, Emanuele Rotoli, Xiaolu Zheng, Alessia Menetti.

NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts is an academy for training in art and design: it is the largest Italian private academy and the first to have obtained, in 1981, the official recognition of the Ministry of ‘University and Research (MUR). With its two campuses in Milan and Rome, it offers first and second level courses in the fields of design, fashion design, graphics and communication, multimedia arts, new technologies, scenography and visual arts, for which it issues academic degrees equivalent to diplomas of university degree. Born on a private initiative in Milan in 1980 by the will of Ausonio Zappa, Guido Ballo and Gianni Colombo, it has always had the aim of challenging the rigidity of the academic tradition and of introducing visions and languages ​​closer to contemporary artistic practices and the system of art and creative professions. NABA has been selected by QS World University Rankings® by Subject as the best Italian Academy of Fine Arts and among the top 100 institutions in the world in the field of Art & Design, has been included by Domus Magazine among the 100 best schools of Design and Architecture in Europe, and by Frame among the 30 best postgraduate schools of Design and Fashion in the world.

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