The Municipality of Milan lands on TikTok to relaunch tourism in the city –

The Municipality of Milan lands on TikTok to relaunch tourism in the city –
The Municipality of Milan lands on TikTok to relaunch tourism in the city –

Eventually the City also lands on TikTok, the social network most loved by young people, but also the most under observation by Western governments. It does this through Milano & Partners, the official promotion agency of the city and of the Yes Milano brand, to launch the campaign Milan spring-summer 2021 districts with the aim of reviving local tourism. It starts with Baggio, Isola and Chiaravalle. Thematic tours, but also music playlists for individual neighborhoods, dedicated mini-sites, posters and, of course, a campaign on social media through the channels Instagram, Facebook, and for the first time an experimentation on TikTok, which will start on May 3 and will end on September 30, 2021. Among the many activities of Milano & Partners – explains Luca Martinazzoli, director general of the agency – c ‘to attract international students. Students are not on Facebook or Instagram, but on innovative social networks with a different language like Tik Tok.

But how does the communication strategy of the Municipality on social networks work and what is the preferred channel? We must start with a consideration. Communication must necessarily be institutional, even if the border is blurred and in the past there has been controversy over the use of certain promotional campaigns. Said this the channel chosen by Palazzo Marino is Facebook which, unlike Twitter and Instagram, is the one most used by public institutions. The page of the Municipality in February (latest data available) scored 203,727 followers. The number of people reached by the posts of 6 million and 293 thousand. The top post, the most read one, the one about Milan is there, the city that helps, the aid network set up by Palazzo Marino for people in difficulty: 552 thousand people saw it. Facebook for just one of the many threads of the Municipality’s branched communication strategy which is based on three pillars. The first concerns the screens in the city. Palazzo Marino has 10 percent of the time available free of charge. The second is the daily newsletter with 300 thousand subscribers and an average reading between 20 and 30%. The third is the site of the Municipality. In March, the visits were 1.7 million, with 920 thousand unique visitors and a growth of 22 percent compared to last year. It works as a basis for the rest and on the homepage there is space for all the campaigns launched by the Municipality (one every 15 days) which in turn find an in-depth analysis on Facebook both with original products and to launch the webtv and radioweb broadcasts of the Municipality. The use of Twitter is more reduced, even if the number of followers is very large: 362 thousand.

If Instagram remains in the background for the official communication of the Palazzo, it becomes the first tool for those who govern that palace. That is the mayor Beppe Sala. If the Facebook and Twitter profiles are managed by a communication agency and follow the model of institutional communication, the profile on Instagram managed directly by Sala and has a much more personal cut. Only he has passwords and only he interacts with his followers which are many and above all have had enormous growth. If in 2019 it had 70 thousand followers, today, despite incidents such as Milan does not stop, it has more than tripled them, reaching 241 thousand, a record among center-left politicians. on Instagram who posted his photo sitting in an armchair with rainbow socks on the occasion of Pride. always on Instagram who posted the video with which on December 7 he announced his re-nomination (later dubbed on the other social networks). As well as on the social of the stories you can find the photos of his partner Chiara Bazoli. Now, however, a theme arises. It concerns the mayor’s Facebook page, the institutional one, because in recent months Sala has been living the dual role of mayor in office and candidate. There are two options: split the profile or entrust the political management to the electoral committee and the institutional one to the company that currently manages the page.

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