Only ‘Giallorossi’ speakers in the Chamber. The protest of Lega and Forza Italia

Only ‘Giallorossi’ speakers in the Chamber. The protest of Lega and Forza Italia
Only ‘Giallorossi’ speakers in the Chamber. The protest of Lega and Forza Italia

AGI – Protest by FI, Lega and Action against the Giallorossi ‘full’ in the appointments of the speakers of some bills, including the one establishing the commission of inquiry on the judiciary. “The presidents of the Constitutional Affairs and Justice commissions of Montecitorio, without involving the center-right groups in any way, have appointed the two speakers for the bill – presented by Forza Italia and Lega – on the establishment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the political use of justice “, protests the leader of Forza Italia in Montecitorio, Roberto Occhiuto.

“For the Constitutional Affairs Commission the rapporteur will be the dem Stefano Ceccanti; for the Justice Commission Federico Conte, from Leu has been indicated. Both have already declared themselves opposed to the commission of inquiry on the judiciary, we ask ourselves at this point what is the political sense of the curious initiative of presidents Giuseppe Brescia and Mario Perantoni “, he complains.

“We find it paradoxical that two left-wing parliamentarians were chosen for a proposal for a law of the center-right and the deputies of Forza Italia and Lega were ignored. We strongly support a government of national unity, but we are not minority shareholders within the majority: we demand respect and equal dignity. We ask for an immediate intervention by the Speaker of the Chamber, Roberto Fico. Only by shedding full light on what has happened in recent years will it be possible to start that process of ‘normalization’ of our democracy, which is indispensable for guaranteeing the full implementation of constitutionally guaranteed rights for all “.

The protest of FI and Lega comes a few days after that of the center-left in the Senate, where the League’s president of the Justice Commission was indicated as rapporteur of the Zan bill, opposed by the party of Matteo Salvini.

Immediate replication by Pierantoni and Brescia. “The speakers will carry out their work for the committees and not for parts of them, a preventive judgment of some colleagues on what they will do is incorrect – they underline in a joint note – we confirm our trust in Federico Conte and Stefano Ceccanti and we are certain that they will do an excellent job “.

Two out of two speakers on the left represent a dangerous precedent. The absurd choice of appointing one from the Democratic Party and one from Leu for the legislative proposals of the Lega, FI and FdI on the launch of a commission of inquiry on the political use of the judiciary is madness “, instead, the deputies of the Lega Roberto complain. Turri, group leader in the Justice Commission, and Igor Iezzi, group leader in the Constitutional Affairs committee.

“Moreover, the duo Conte-Ceccanti had already expressed an opinion opposed to the establishment of this commission. Does President Fico have nothing to say? An infringement of parliamentary relations within the majority that supports a government of national unity which we will certainly keep bill”.

“The 5-star president of the Justice Commission has appointed the following speakers: a Pd and an M5s deputy to the criminal bill, a Pd and an M5s to the CSM reform bill, a Pd and a Leu for the commission of inquiry on magistrates”, points out Enrico Costa, deputy and head of Justice of Action. “They don’t want others to get their hands on it. Either they don’t realize the gravity of the moment or they have something to hide.”

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