“It’s not me, I look like her.” The bewilderment and the suspicion – Libero Quotidiano

“It’s not me, I look like her.” The bewilderment and the suspicion – Libero Quotidiano
“It’s not me, I look like her.” The bewilderment and the suspicion – Libero Quotidiano

“He’s the wrong person.” Parvin Tadjk, wife of Beppe Grillo, is “stalked” by Carlo Marsili, Massimo Giletti’s correspondent for Non è l’Arena on La7, and the first reaction to escape from the questions about her husband and especially her son Ciro, investigated for rape by the prosecutor of Tempio Pausania, it is surreal: “You’re wrong, it’s not me, I don’t know who he’s talking about”, tries to sidetrack the journalist, who is actually stunned.

“I look like her but it’s not me”, he repeats several times, with shopping bags in hand. “If he wants help”, is the approach of Giletti’s correspondent. We are almost at the theater of the absurd, a scene that reveals all the embarrassment and difficulty of a mother and wife overwhelmed by a double avalanche. On the one hand the judicial one, the most serious. Ciro and three of his friends were accused by a 19-year-old Italian-Swedish of raping her in July 2019 after an evening spent at the Billionaire disco and ended in Grillo’s villa in Porto Cervo.

Parvin Tadjk was there that night, he was sleeping and repeated to the investigators that he had not noticed anything. The second avalanche is that of the media, given that after 2 years of investigation, perhaps worried by the possible indictment, Beppe Grillo shared a very violent video of his on social media, in which he defines Ciro and friends as “cog *** i, not rapists “and in fact overturns the accusations, wondering why the girl decided to report the young people a few days late.

The founder of the 5 Star Movement had sparked controversy and political criticism to which Parvin had reacted by claiming that in the video shot that night in the bedroom there was evidence of his son’s innocence. The La7 correspondent asks for this too, but this time Tadjk decides to make a silent scene in front of the microphone: “You know I’m not talking, it’s useless to follow me, it’s a useless job, you waste your time”, he repeats in front of the journalist’s various questions. A sign that even the media strategy has now definitively changed.

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