Coronavirus, today’s 2 May bulletin in Lombardy: 1,287 new cases and 23 deaths. 4.2% positivity rate

In Lombardy today there are 1,287 new cases of coronavirus positivity compared to 30,249 swabs carried out, with a positivity rate of 4.2%. There were 23 deaths recorded, for a total of 32,945 official deaths since the start of the pandemic in the region.

Coronavirus, today’s May 2 bulletin: 9,148 new cases and 144 deaths

02 May 2021

There are 542 patients admitted to intensive care, 6 more than yesterday; while the number of hospitalized in ordinary Covid wards is decreasing, where there are 3,290 people, 113 less than 24 hours ago.

Covid vaccine, in Lombardy from 6 pm on May 1st reservations for frail patients aged 16 to 49 years

01 May 2021

Coronavirus in Lombardy, the bulletin of May 2 in Milan and in the other provinces

Milano: 375

Bergamo: 218

Brescia: 203

Like: 75

Cremona: 33

Lecco: 46

Lodi: 23

Mantua: 49

Monza and Brianza: 149

Pavia: 29

Sondrio: 36

Varese: 13

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