The hoax of state flights to muddy Casellati – Il Tempo

The hoax of state flights to muddy Casellati – Il Tempo
The hoax of state flights to muddy Casellati – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

03 May 2021

They rummage. They muddy. They are deceiving. There are no other ways to tell the story of an artfully edited news hoax from Republic to return to incite the people against politics. This time it is Daily fact to have to chase. They are both newspapers that when they receive interrogation reports that can lick Giuseppe Conte are careful not to publish them. They are the ones who do not see justice plunging into the ravine. They hail anti-popular measures such as curfews. VAT numbers who ask to be able to work are considered tax evaders. There was and needs a mass distraction. And they make it with the easiest target. A woman. A woman who comes from the ranks of the center-right, presides over the Senate, could aspire to the Colle: focus on Elisabetta Casellati. A game that is easy to build, also because these days there are those who are afraid to expose themselves in defense of those who are attacked. Guido Crosetto, founder of FdI, put his face to it with courage: the rest of the company – on the right – does not seem to have noticed. And they hurt, because there are cases in which reacting against a brutal attack is a must.

The controversy is that of state flights. The hated planes that are used in moments of tired journalism. Or difficulties arising from uncomfortable news. Roberto Fico resides in Naples, it is unlikely that the President of the Chamber has to resort to the plane. Ditto the head of state, Sergio Mattarella, now Roman by adoption. Mario Draghi – like his predecessor Giuseppe Conte – has a home in the capital. Chief, I have an idea, they must have said in the editorial office. Casellati lives in Padua, let’s check how she comes to Rome. And they mount the case. “124 flights,” lie and then we explain why.

But the first question to ask is: did the president of the Senate violate the law? Not at all, it has even been explicit since 2011. Decree 98 of that year, in article 3, says: “State flights must be limited to the President of the Republic, the Presidents of the Chamber and Senate, the President of the Council of Ministers, to the President of the Constitutional Court ». That is, they are without authorization, because it is the law that makes them available. It is the ministers who must have them authorized, in fact. Not only has no law been violated, but the number of flights is also false. There were not 124 at all, but about ninety at the most. Unless you consider the empty flight to pick up the passenger as a trip. To avoid this it would take a private hangar …

A year has 52 weeks and the President of the Senate has the duty to be present in each of them. This is the task that falls to the institutional offices. But the curious thing that leads to Elisabetta Casellati’s sniping is the year taken as a reference, 2020. It is a pity that the headlines of the title did not also concern 2018 and 2019, in which no one at Ciampino saw the President of the Senate to board state flights. Casellati simply traveled by train. Indeed, in 2019 the Falcon took him to travel between Rome and Alghero – where he spent about ten days of vacation and should not appear scandalous – because the crisis of the Conte government broke out in August. And the president of the Senate could not ignore what was happening.

The newspapers that put Casellati in their sights even ironically about Covid. As if to say that the privilege would lie in the fact that those flights served for the disease to be avoided. However, they do not investigate how many flights and rail routes were cut in the Covid era. They do not report on how many passengers have given up travel due to the virus. They forget to enumerate the canceled conferences so as not to make people move from one city to another. Further omission: Did they ask their readers whether the Senate should remain open or closed? Obviously not, and they consequently ignored that between those terrible second and third quarters of 2020 – more or less from March to May – Elisabetta Casellati remained in Rome because the institutions do not remain without a guide. Thanks to Repubblica now we can do more. Now it is even possible to trace – on the internet – the movements of the five high offices of the state, up to the president of the Constitutional Court. And so, what is a safety measure for these personalities and also for the citizens, becomes a network with holes ready for the sick head that never fails in Italy.

Guido Crosetto wrote on twitter: «I don’t know if you noticed but there was the gunshot that officially started the race for the Quirinale. Repubblica shot him coldly against Casellati. State flights. On the other hand, she is the second position in the state and she is a woman, that should have been expected. ” If this is the truth, it is a shameful page of journalism. A case is mounted on absolutely legitimate travels and to do one’s duty every week. It will be even more interesting to understand who commissioned the “coup”. But it won’t be difficult to find out.

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