Messina, the complaint of a student: “Homophobic insults received from a university professor” | The rector: “We strongly condemn what happened”

02 May 2021 16:19

“Fr …… o perso”, “This is why militancy is talking about his sexual itches”, these are some of the phrases written on Facebook by the teacher

“Following the sentences addressed to the boy, who does not attend the University of Messina, but is originally from the city of the Strait – he explains Giuseppe Ialacqua of the Liberation Queer + group – a formal complaint was presented to the carabinieri “. Arcigay of Messina also dealt with the matter, underlining:” We filed a complaint with the postal police and also a report to the Miur and the prefect of Messina – explains the president Rosario Duke -. Almost all the institutions have found our letters and started investigations “.

The words of the rector – “The facts have already come to the attention of the university administration through the president of Arcigay, who was received and invited to send all the necessary documentation in order to activate the necessary disciplinary procedures “, added Cuzzocrea.


Messina complaint student Homophobic insults received university professor rector strongly condemn happened

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