Rome goes to ask for clarification at the police headquarters but is arrested

OE, a 37-year-old Nigerian, went to the State Police offices to ask for clarification regarding the presence of officers in his apartment a few days earlier.

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The investigators of the VI Casilino District, directed by Michele Peloso, asked him for his documents and, noticing his nervousness, they deepened the control.

Further investigations revealed that the man was subjected to a precautionary custody order in prison issued by the Court of L’Aquila on 6 April 2021.

After hearing the Mobile Squad of the Rome Police Headquarters, the policemen learned that, a few days earlier, their colleagues from the Second Section had been at the 37-year-old’s home to execute the measure but had not found him.

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So it was the investigators of the VI District who notified OE of the pre-trial detention order in prison and arrested him.

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