no to censorship, now the apologies-

no to censorship, now the apologies-
no to censorship, now the apologies-

It is political controversy the day after Fedez’s attack on the stage of the May Day concert against the requests of Rai to modify its intervention and against the position of the League on the Zan bill against homotransphobia. For the Five Stars to speak is the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio: “Music is freedom” he writes. And the former premier is even more explicit Giuseppe Conte: «I’m with Fedez. No censorship ». The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, “Wait for an apology from Rai” and thanked Fedez for the courage shown in defending the Zan Bill: “The fact that a person like him talks about these times makes it possible to break the taboo for which we cannot talk about rights because we are pandemic”.

Di Maio: “The country cannot accept any form of censorship”

«Music is freedom, it transmits emotions and helps us to understand, analyze, mature. I think that respect is the most important thing and underlies everything, it means knowing how to accept criticisms and ideas different from ours. And a democratic country cannot accept any form of censorship “, Minister Di Maio writes on Facebook, who adds:” I have known Fedez for some time, besides being a very talented singer, he is a person who always puts in everything he does. heart”. “Every artist – he adds – must have the opportunity to exhibit freely, expressing their ideas”.

Letta: “We await an apology from Rai”

“We expect clear words from Rai, apologies and clarifications” says the secretary of the Pd Letta interviewed by Maria Latella on “Sunday coffee” on Radio 24. And he adds: “I want to thank Fedez, his strong words that we share in full, make it possible to break a taboo, namely that not we can talk about rights because we are in a pandemic. Dealing with a pandemic does not mean that battles cannot be fought for rights, ius soli, as ddl Zan“. «I am available to debate with the League on the merits, what I find wrong is the attitude of filibuster – he continues – We spent 20 days on the scheduling of the Zan Bill, not on the merits ».

Fedez and the May Day concert: the news

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