Ostellari and Ddl Zan: who is the Northern League senator and why Fedez attacked him

Ostellari and Ddl Zan: who is the Northern League senator and why Fedez attacked him
Ostellari and Ddl Zan: who is the Northern League senator and why Fedez attacked him

Rome, May 2, 2021 – Andrea Ostellari second Fedez “is the man of the moment”. The rapper on the stage of the May Day concert has quoted the Northern League senator several times about the Ddl Zan. The singer’s monologue triggered the political debate and sparked the social one. But who is Andrea Ostellari that Fedez attacked live on Rai Tre television claiming that it was he who decided “that a bill of parliamentary initiative, therefore the highest expression of the people, which has already been approved in the House as the Zan Bill, can easily be blocked by desire to be the protagonist of an individual, that is himself “.

Who is Andrea Ostellari

The Northern League senator, 47, is part of the Carroccio group in the Senate where he is also president of the Justice Commission. A lawyer, enrolled in the Supreme Court register, he was honorary deputy prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bassano del Grappa, with the function of public prosecutor before the Justice of the Peace and Monocratic Criminal Court. In 2015 it became provincial secretary of the League in Padua, a position he abandoned following his election as senator in 2018. On 15 May 2020 he was also appointed by Matteo Salvini commissioner of the Emilia League.

The Zan Ddl and the controversies

The text of the Ddl Zan it was scheduled in the Justice Commission in the Senate, after being approved in the House a few days ago, exactly on April 28th. The proposal passed with 13 votes to 11, with Italia Viva – who voted in favor – claiming to “have been decisive”. The text is scheduled with other provisions andthe order in which they will be discussed has not yet been established. Ostellari, president of the Commission, last Wednesday declared: “The vote on the calendar of the works has certified that, in the Justice Committee, the majority is split. The subsequent incardination of the Zan bill will be followed by the hearings and the debate on the amendment proposals”. Then he added: “The regulation provides that the rapporteur of each bill is the president of the commission, who has the right to delegate this function to other commissioners. Since I have been confirmed president, thanks to the vote of the majority of the members of the Commission, for guarantee who is in favor of the bill and who is not, I will deal with this delegation ”.

So, in addition to being president of the Commission, Ostellari is also rapporteur of the Zan bill. The senator has already clarified the timetable: incardination in committee by May, to follow hearings and the debate on the amendments to, if necessary, modify the text. It means that the law could take months to pass. Already in recent days, the choice of the President of the Commission to hold the delegation of rapporteur has raised quite a few controversies.

M5S, Pd and Leu they targeted Ostellari, accusing him of having set up barricades to obstruct the law on homophobic crimes. The deputy Alessandro Zan, from Padua like the Northern League senator, accused the president of the Justice Commission of “holding the law hostage”. Ostellari, for his part, in a recent interview with Avvenire defined the criticisms as “spurious”, reiterating that he had acted according to the regulations and pushed by the delicacy of the issue. “I have decided to keep the post to avoid further controversy,” he said, stressing that some points in the text need to be changed. Like Article 1, which defines the terms of sex, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, and “not to take away rights, but to ensure that those rights are well guaranteed”.

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