Immigration, Salvini writes to Draghi: “Too many landings, unacceptable”

Immigration, Salvini writes to Draghi: “Too many landings, unacceptable”
Immigration, Salvini writes to Draghi: “Too many landings, unacceptable”

The question immigration it may already be in full swing, further agitating the majority in support of the Draghi government. While on the one hand the Pd of Enrico Letta he offered his side to the media offensives of the NGOs, which do not look favorably on the position of the Prime Minister on dialogue with the Libyans, on the other hand the League is starting to get impatient due to the surge in landings.

Today alone, more than 800 migrants have arrived in our country. TO Lampedusa 683 people landed in six separate landing episodes. For the local authorities this meant a May 1st in the name of emergency and the management of migratory flows.

Ad Augusta instead, the Ocean Viking ship with 236 migrants on board landed. The vehicle of the NGO Sos Mediterranée had asked for a safe haven on April 27, the green light came on the evening of 30.

A real siege that aggravates a situation that is already heavy in itself. Suffice it to say that to date, since January 1, 9,013 migrants have entered Italy illegally, according to data from the Viminale. Over the same period last year the figure stopped at 3,451.

Hence the reaction from the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini: “Hundreds of illegal immigrants landed in a few hours, it is unacceptable – he wrote on Facebook the secretary of the carroccio – We wrote to President Draghi and to the ministries of Health and the Interior: in addition to checking who arrives by plane from countries at risk, between Covid and variants, it is also necessary to block small boats and barges out of respect for the Italians, their sacrifices, their health, their safety “.

It is the first time that Salvini has spoken openly about the immigration situation since the new executive took office in February: “Can’t we do anything? False – added the former owner of the Interior Ministry – In one year I have reduced landings by 80% and I am undergoing two trials for defending the borders. And with fewer departures, there are also fewer deaths. Wanting is power ”.

The outburst on social media and the letter to Draghi therefore seem to confirm theimpatience by the Northern League on the continuous increase in landings. A worse situation than in 2020, also because this year there are two open fronts for Italy: not only the Tunisian route, but also the Libyan one. From the first comes a good part of the autonomous landings that culminate with the landings in Lampedusa or on the coasts of Sicily. On the other hand, those rubber boats depart from the second, then rescued by NGO ships.

In view of the summer, the immigration issue could become the main battleground between the different souls of the government majority.

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