Fatima, a 3-year-old girl flies from the balcony to Turin. The mother’s partner, perhaps drunk or drugged: “I was not careful”

Fatima, a 3-year-old girl flies from the balcony to Turin. The mother’s partner, perhaps drunk or drugged: “I was not careful”
Fatima, a 3-year-old girl flies from the balcony to Turin. The mother’s partner, perhaps drunk or drugged: “I was not careful”

A thud and then mother Lucia’s desperate screams. The little body of Fatima, 3 years old, was motionless on the pavement, flew down from the fourth floor. It was about 9.45pm on Thursday when, in a building in via Milano, a Torino, the horror has been consummated. Fatima died yesterday morning at the Regina Margherita hospital, after a long surgery. A few hours later the mum’s partner, Azar Mohsine, Moroccan, 32, was arrested. A provision that confirms the dramatic suspicions of the early hours, with respect to a reconstruction that could not stand: the man, who first called for help, is accused of voluntary homicide with possible malice. Now he is crying and desperate, according to the investigators, he did not want to kill Fatima, but the death of the little girl would have been caused by Mohssine’s negligence. Maybe he was drunk or on drugs. It is excluded that the child was able to climb over the high parapet by herself.

Fatima falls from the fourth floor and dies in Turin, her mother’s companion stopped. “Voluntary murder”

The investigators hope to reconstruct the trajectory of the fall through the autopsy and the surveys of the experts. On Thursday night, they seized footage from a video surveillance camera, which allegedly partially captured the scene. According to the first reconstruction, it seems that the little girl had come up from the apartment where she lived with her mother, upstairs, where the man lived. At the time of the tragedy she would have been in the arms of Mohssine who, not being fully alert, may have come too close to the railing, perhaps to speak to the baby’s mother. It is unclear if the two were arguing.
Lucia, a 41-year-old Italian, and her partner, along with a friend of the man and other witnesses, were taken to the police station where they were heard all night, but Mohssine was not lucid and was unable to answer investigators’ questions. He was screaming and spitting at the cops. In the car he beat his fists against the window of the steering wheel, “Let me out, otherwise I’ll break it”. On the very morning of the tragedy he had been sentenced to eight months in prison for detention for the purposes of shop. “I am desperate, I feel guilty – he told the investigators yesterday, when he learned that Fatima was dead – it happened while Fatima was at my house, but she, for me, was like a daughter”.

The desperation

“I haven’t been careful,” Mohssine said tearfully. The man lives on the fifth floor of the building, while the baby’s mother lives on the fourth. «I loved Fatima so much and she too loved me». The 32-year-old, assisted by the lawyer Alessandro Sena, said he had discovered that the child had died when he was brought to the prosecutor’s office. He also explained that on Thursday evening he had not drunk that much and that he “lost his sanity” when he realized that Fatima had fallen.

The testimonials

It was an employee of the bakery, which has the backyard on the courtyard in the building in via Milano, who discovered the little body. “I had just finished cleaning – he said – I heard a man speaking a foreign language and a woman answering him in Italian; it seemed like an argument, not an argument. Then I went inside and I heard a roar, like the thud of a case of water falling from above. I went out to tell them to lower their voice and when I opened the door I saw the little girl on the ground ». Stefania cries: «The little girl took a few breaths, then took a deeper breath, her heart was beating very slowly, I told my partner to call for help. Immediately afterwards the mother came down and kept saying my little girl, my little girl, then the partner came and I covered the little one, who was cold, with my jacket and I stayed next to her. Rescue arrived immediately and then the police arrived ». A bouquet of flowers was deposited in the courtyard, where the forensics made the measurements until late in the evening. Attached to the deck is a card that reads: Hello baby, now play happily with the other angels. You will always remain in our hearts.

“We heard inhuman screams. We looked down and saw that little body. ” The tenants are shocked, with tears in their eyes, they cross the courtyard where Fatima has fallen. And they recount the terrible scene on Thursday evening: “We heard the heartbreaking screams of the mother, who we know, as we knew her previous partner,” says a woman. “We are all wondering a bit – he underlines – how could such a small girl have climbed over the railings of the gallery which are high”.
Help arrived immediately, but Fatima, after falling from about 12 meters, had suffered a very serious head injury, chest trauma and multiple bone injuries. The lengthy surgery was technically successful, but the little girl didn’t make it.


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