in Italy sprint to projects

in Italy sprint to projects
in Italy sprint to projects

The emergency Covid-19 was a stimulus for the start of a series of projects on the telemedicine nationwide, to overcome, thanks to digital technologies, the difficulties that the pandemic has caused to assistance “in the presence” of patients.

Quickly reviewing the latest initiatives in this field, the project developed by the Calabria Region in collaboration with the Gemelli Polyclinic, coordinated by Agostino Miozzo, with the aim of easing the pressure on the hospital network through discharges and subsequent ad hoc home care for less serious Covid patients. In the next few hours, a first team of experts and trainees from the Roman university polyclinic will arrive in Calabria, which will have the task of training the Calabrian health personnel in order to assist patients through the telemedicine and using the information technologies used by Gemelli. In a first phase, the project envisages three operational centers: at the Asp of Cosenza and the Annunziata hospital, at the Pugliese Ciaccio hospital in Catanzaro and at the Gom of Reggio Calabria.

From South to North, Friuli Venezia Giulia proposes itself as a national reference point on telemedicine with respect to chronic diseases, as explained today in the Regional Council by Ricardo Riccardi, Vice President of the Region with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi, responding to a question on state of implementation of the telemedicine project for Covid patients: “The health kits from the Civil Protection – he explains – are currently being assigned to the regional health coordination company which is proceeding with their distribution to the health authorities, based on of planning that the same have already transmitted to the Central Management and which provide for the use of over 500 monitoring devices for the surveillance of fragile subjects at home, including children “.

On the other hand, the order of doctors started the experimentation of telemedicine in Palermo, ready to field tests for CheckMed, the system developed by the engineer Giuseppe Giorgianni that can be purchased in pharmacies and supermarkets from June. Made by startup from Messina Innova, the device presented at the ces in Las Vegas is a solution that through a device Iot is able to receive and transfer data online in real time, making health systems more effective and sustainable.

“The Iot device, integrated with management software and a smartphone app – underlines Giorgianni, president and founder of Innova – allows you to remotely monitor the patient, store data and therapies and exchange information with medical staff, facilitating the relationship doctor-patient and increasing therapeutic compliance “.

“The applicative versatility offered by the telemedicine in general and this very sophisticated device in particular is vital – he adds Toti Amato, president of the Order of Doctors of Palermo and member of the board of the Fnomceo National Federation – The gradual aging of the population and the increase in non-hospitalized chronic patients make it necessary to support new technologies. Covid has highlighted the importance of teleconsultation and remote medical services, but the digital transformation in healthcare is still only partially perceived. The indispensable elements are missing: an overall vision of the digital process, an operational plan and another training plan shared between all the players in the health system. None of these elements can be evaded ”.

Again in the field of digital services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment, the agreement between the Italian Diagnostic Center e HealthyMD Italy, which provides for the development of telemedicine services with remote monitoring. SaluberMD Italia will make available its platform, accessible via App and web, which offers in a single ‘virtual center’ the possibility of contacting medical specialists, rehabilitation professionals, nutritionists and other specialists who work in the offices of the Italian Diagnostic Center.


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