Alessandro Mininno presents the volume Graffiti Writing in Italy 1989-2021

Milano – On Saturday 22 January 2022 at 5.00 pm the Milan Triennale hosts the presentation of the limited edition, developed in collaboration with the artist Angelo Muschio, of the volume Graffiti Writing in Italy 1989-2021 from Alessandro Mininno. Together with the author they intervene Stefano Fiz Bottura, journalist, e Angelo Muschio, artist.

Milano – Graffiti have profoundly influenced art, visual communication and contemporary culture, both abroad and in Italy. At the same time their spread has forever changed the look of our cities, causing one harsh and intolerant reaction by politics and public opinion. The language of writing, after forty years from its appearance in Italy, is still difficult for the public to understand: it is an underground culture that mixes illegality and danger, art and vandalism.

Milano – The book Graffiti Writing in Italy 1989-2021 explains writing in a popular way and documents in detail, with the photographs and words of its protagonists, the birth and evolution of the phenomenon in Italy. Countless railway lines, private and public, a generalized passion for lettering and an often mild repression have attracted several generations of young people to this field, transforming Italy into one of the European countries with the longest tradition in writing.

After the presentation of the book, the screening of the restored documentary is scheduled Black Hell and the dj-set at Merge Layers (Natlek and Nobel). Admission is free in compliance with the anti Covid-19 regulations in force; more information on email.

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