Sesto San Giovanni, vaccines “by night” at the end of the shift or after the evening spent with friends –

Sesto San Giovanni, vaccines “by night” at the end of the shift or after the evening spent with friends –
Sesto San Giovanni, vaccines “by night” at the end of the shift or after the evening spent with friends –

Starting tonight and for another two Fridays, the experimentation of a nocturnal vaccine line will start from 9 pm to 8 am The manager of the Asst Nord Milano center, Manfredi: We aim for the first doses for young people and for workers with atypical hours

Open all night with the aim of administering as many first doses as possible. the strategy that from tonight and for another two consecutive Fridays puts in place the vaccination center of the Citt di Sesto San Giovanni hospital to reach the largest number of people who have not yet decided to get vaccinated as declared by the health management that last year managed the hub set up at Hangar Bicocca. A pilot experiment aimed above all at young people, but also at atypical workers for shifts and who finish working when the centers are already closed in addition to all those who, for various reasons, could find an extended time slot convenient from 9 pm to 8 am also for second and third doses. We thought – says Dr. Antonio Manfredi, head of the vaccination centers of Asst Nord Milano (with an audience of about 270 thousand users) – during the meetings with the health and administrative direction of creating a super night service to test the response of people to a totally new way of approaching administration.

Aim 100 first doses every night

As announced in recent days by the coordinator of the Lombard vaccination campaign Guido Bertolaso, if the experiment were to succeed in obtaining the desired results (for health professionals, excellent numbers would already be a hundred first doses every night)The project could be replicated in other centers across the region. On the national territory, the health workers recall, there were hubs open until midnight in Umbria and Lazio during the last year, with good results. Here we take a decisive step forward compared to those vax night, as announced by Dr. Gianfranco Galli, director of the health professions of the same Asst. I remember the experiment with campers in the Milanese suburbs; in that case we were able to vaccinate dozens of children every day also counting on the spirit of emulation of the group; now young people could consider it original to receive the first anti-Covid injection at two or three in the morning, perhaps after a night out.

La task force

At the Sesto hospital the air of novelty is palpable: nurses and health workers have given their availability to the service; the task force of five people but in case of need reminds Galli within half an hour other extra lines can be activated, counting among the health workers already on night service in the hospital in case of important flows. Pediatric vaccinations will be activated from 9 pm to 11 pm and all users will be able to be vaccinated even if residing outside the basin from the north of Milan. In the first place – adds Manfredi – it will be the population that will give us the feedback we need. And it is not excluded, if the initiative (repeated on 21 and 28 January next) brings the desired results, to repeat in February and March.

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