Another slap in the face of the victims: recalculation of the sentence for Kabobo

Another slap in the face of the victims: recalculation of the sentence for Kabobo
Another slap in the face of the victims: recalculation of the sentence for Kabobo

Another penalty discount for Adam Kabobo, the illegal immigrant of Ghanaian origin who, at the first light of May 11, 2013, killed three randomly chosen passers-by who were walking through the streets of the Niguarda district in Milan with a pickaxe. As reported by MilanoToday, now the murderer will have to serve less than 23 years. To be exact, the Supreme Court sentenced him to 22 years and eight months in prison. Previously, however, the sentence was twenty-eight years, then reduced to twenty-four in 2020, and finally to not even 23 after the decision of the third degree judges. Kabobo is now imprisoned in the Opera prison.

The fury of Kabobo

The man, who arrived in Lampedusa in 2011, on that tragic day in mid-May had injured two men and killed three others before being stopped by the police between via Adriatico and Monterotondo and piazza Belloveso, in the Milanese district of Niguarda. With an abbreviated procedure, the Ghanaian was then sentenced to twenty years in prison for the three murders. The judges recognized the defendant as having semi-insanity, believing that his ability to understand was “greatly waned” at the moment but “not totally absent”.

On that May day almost nine years ago, Kabobo, armed with a pickaxe, attacked anyone in the streets who came within range, killing three people and injuring two others. During his stories to the court experts, the foreigner had told of having acted in that way because of some voices that he heard in his head and that they were talking about the massacres taking place in the north of his country, Ghana in fact. Tried with an abbreviated rite, he had been granted the mitigation of the partial mental defect. For the two attempted murders he had suffered a further eight-year sentence. Subsequently, the magistrate calculated the cumulative sentence, considering the connection between the two crimes and, therefore, the two convictions.

It had also devastated the prison

Twice the lawyers in defense of Kabobo had challenged these calculations in the Supreme Court and challenged them. In the end, this has led to the condemnation established by the Supreme Court of twenty-two years and eight months in prison. It should be remembered that in February 2019, in the Opera prison where he is serving his sentence for triple murder, Kabobo had devastated the prison and the prison police officers had had no choice but to ask for authorization to sedate him with an injection. Prick then practiced him not without difficulty.

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