January 14: Fiera Milano hospital reopens | Milan news

Friday 14 January reopens the hospital that had been set up, only for covid patients, in the pavilions of Fiera Milano.

The Lombardy Region, in fact, has in fact forwarded a request for reopening to the Policlinico di Milano, which coordinated and will return to coordinate the structure, with its staff and with that of the Niguarda hospital.
The structure was born in 2020, in a very short time, thanks to the coordination, even at a distance due to the covid, of Guido Bertolaso. It had absorbed the sick from the region and also some from abroad, during the first pandemic wave, from April to June.

It was then back in business between October 2020 and June 2021 when it closed in the hope of not having to reopen. And instead we are at opening number three. To date, it has guaranteed treatment, in intensive care, to over 500 patients.


January Fiera Milano hospital reopens Milan news

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