Covid Italy, 30 thousand health workers infected in one month

Covid Italy, 30 thousand health workers infected in one month
Covid Italy, 30 thousand health workers infected in one month

I Covid-19 infections of health workers, last night, they have reached almost 30 thousand – 29,560 to be exact – in one month. A number that leads to 182,345 infections of health professionals since the beginning of the pandemic. Considering the period from December 2nd to January 11th the percentage of healthcare workers infected rose by 614%. Numbers that directly impact on the health service and on the efficiency of hospitals: considering an average quarantine of 10 days, at the moment, there are therefore about 10 thousand isolated health workers, “of which about 8,200 nurses, which are obviously fewer than the staff already in crisis”, explains the National Federation of Nursing Professions, (Fnopi) which has drawn up the numbers for Adnkronos Health based on the official data of the Institute superior of health care and Inail.

The rate of increase in cases among operators is 12-13% more per day. In particular, compared to a month ago, the infected nurses, who represent 82.6% of all infections reported by health professionals – according to the Inail percentages – are 24,387, so since the beginning of the pandemic they are over 149 thousand. “Fortunately – specifies Fnopi – the infections are not serious in the staff, first to be vaccinated, and there are no deaths. Only that at this rate there will be fewer and fewer professionals to work, even if quarantines were to be shortened”.

Women are more infected in general and, for categories, after nurses are followed by social and health workers with 18.1% (81.1% are women), doctors with 8.5% ( 48.4% are women, 34.3% are internists and general practitioners), social welfare workers with 6.8% (85.3% women) and unskilled personnel in health services (auxiliary , porter, stretcher bearer) with 4.7% (72.6% women).


Covid Italy thousand health workers infected month

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