this is how the Region prepares –

this is how the Region prepares –
this is how the Region prepares –
from Sara Bettoni

Occupancy of beds in the medical area exceeded 30 percent. Vaccini, from January 18 simplified the change of appointment. Direct access to hubs for 12-19 year olds

With 30.6 percent of beds occupied in the medical area, Lombardy is close to the orange band. Sign of increased pressure on hospitals and new restrictions for the unvaccinated. The direction certainly that, but we hope to be able to stop first says the president of the Region Attilio Fontana, who nevertheless calls for caution. I think it is difficult to make predictions, especially because the Omicron is a completely new, different thing, whose reactions and development methods are no longer comparable to the old Covid.

The limit thresholds

The numbers leave little doubt. The incidence of infections well beyond the threshold, with 2,710 weekly cases per 100 thousand inhabitants against a limit of 150. Yesterday the occupancy ceiling for admissions in medium-intensity care wards was also broken. With 3,202 patients admitted to hospitals, 203 more than the previous day, the 30 per cent established as the boundary between the yellow and orange band has been exceeded. The needle of the balance for the passage of color is the data of intensive care, where patients in serious conditions are treated. So far, the sick occupy 16.7 percent of the beds in these wards. The relegation of the bracket exceeded 20 per cent. What will change for citizens? The unvaccinated will not be able to access the shopping centers on holidays and pre-holidays and will be able to leave the Municipality only for reasons of necessity.

The reopening of the hospital at the Fiera

It is possible that the new threshold will soon be reached, so much so that the Region is preparing to set up additional beds. The first two intensive care modules at Fieramilanocity will be reactivated on 14 January, for a total of 30 places. The temporary structure at Portello frozen since last June. Already at the beginning of December, the Welfare Directorate had written to the Milan Polyclinic, manager of the hub, asking to prepare for a possible restart. Now the lights are back on, for the third time since the inauguration on March 31, 2020. From Friday the first patients will be able to be transferred to the Portello. As in the past, the Polyclinic will make available the technical, administrative, pharmaceutical staff, as well as the health one, together with the Niguarda and other public and private hospitals. As reported in recent days, the Region has asked all facilities to expand the spaces for the infected. The San Paolo has also dedicated a mini-ward to positive newborns. The Covid hotels have also been reopened for the infected who do not need health care: 381 total places, in double or single rooms.

The change of date for vaccination

On the vaccine front, the Region works to facilitate access to hubs. Those who already have an appointment but need to move it, from Tuesday 18 January will be able to do it automatically through the portal
. Not only. From today it will be possible to fix an appointment for the first or third dose either by date or by geographical area. Guaranteed direct access to hubs for the first injection for 12-19 year olds. And on Friday the center of Sesto San Giovanni will remain open all night.

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January 12, 2022 (change January 12, 2022 | 08:18)


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