Fencing, the 2023 World Cup in Milan with over 150 countries

Fencing, the 2023 World Cup in Milan with over 150 countries
Fencing, the 2023 World Cup in Milan with over 150 countries

The world championship appointment in 2023 returns to Italy after 12 years. Malagò: “It will be an anticipation of other international events that will arrive here thanks to the Olympics”

Last November 27 the official assignment arrived in Lausanne, today in Milan the organizational machine for the Fencing World Championships that the city will host in 2023 has officially started. It will be the eighth World Fencing World Championships in Italy, from the first time in Naples in 1929 to the last one, twelve years ago, in Catania in 2011. At the Allianz Cloud in Milan, where the World Cup races will be held, the organizing committee of the event was presented, which will also represent the last chance of qualification before the Paris Olympics 2024, an opportunity that the Italian team, which came out of the controversy after the Tokyo Games last summer, will want to take advantage of to raise its head and return to being a forge of medals as its very rich palmares tells.

Towards the 2026 Games

“Milan is a city known by all – said the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò -, now it is also sporting after having risen to prominence with the winning path of the Milan-Cortina Olympics. I believe that the Fencing World Championship will be an anticipation of other international events that, thanks to the Olympics, will arrive here “. “For us it means a lot – underlined the president of Federscherma Paolo Azzi -, the World Cup will return to Italy after 12 years, in a city that has never hosted it, a historical gap that we are happy to fill in view of the Milanese fencing tradition. . As Italian fencing we have to work to present ourselves in the best possible way, it is our condemnation, everyone rightly expects the best “.

A long trip

Marco Fichera, president of the organizing committee, swordsman and Olympic silver medalist in the Rio 2016 team competition, is also well aware of this, convinced that his history as an athlete can help him plan the world event in the best possible way: “It means transferring all those who have been and that these are my years as an athlete in a different context – he explained -. Organizing an absolute World Cup means bringing to Italy over 1500 athletes, 3000 technicians and staff, over 150 countries, a World Cup that will represent an important litmus test for Italian fencing. It is not just a World Cup, but a real journey, which will start in March 2022 and arrive in July 2023 with a series of events in the area for a single brand which is that of Milan 2023 “.

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