Plogging becomes eco-sustainable sport with the Giro d’Italia 2022

LOMBARDY – Monza, Cusano Milanino and Paderno Dugnano will host three stages of 1° Giro d’Italia of plogging. An unmissable event in the name of eco-sustainability and “green” because plogging is an original practice consisting in the union of running and waste collection.

The term plogging was born from the fusion of English “running” and Swedish “pick up”, which means “to collect”. Just the Swedish runner Erik Alhström in 2017 he invented the discipline, with a simple post shared on Facebook. Alhström, in Stockholm, thought of picking himself up on his phone in the act of collecting garbage on the ground, on the sidewalks or in the street, during his outdoor training. Since then, the plogging phenomenon has spread like wildfire in the rest of Europe and has met with great success in Italy as well.

The basic concept, on the other hand, is simple. During a morning run session, in the park or better still on the urban streets, anyone can carry a plastic bag with them and collect any garbage that they may find lying around. The important thing is to always wear a pair of gloves, to preserve your personal hygiene during the activity. The environment is affected in a positive way and it is easy to involve friends, relatives and children in a fun and affordable practice.

The 1st Giro d’Italia consists of well 46 stages scattered throughout the country, with departure set for January 23 in Pordenone. It will pass through Monza on March 27; in Cusano Milan on 10 April, and in Paderno Dugnano on 24 April.

Participation in the stages is free and open to anyone who wants to participate, stage by stage. The event is made possible thanks to the commitment of the Facebook group Giro d’Italia Plogging 2022, active in order to make a contribution to maintaining the cleanliness of the cities and to the care of the environment and nature.

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