Milan, the Barbaro family and the drug of the ‘Ndrangheta. “In front of the gun he was trembling with tears in his eyes” –

Milan, the Barbaro family and the drug of the ‘Ndrangheta. “In front of the gun he was trembling with tears in his eyes” –
Milan, the Barbaro family and the drug of the ‘Ndrangheta. “In front of the gun he was trembling with tears in his eyes” –
from Andrea Galli

The operation of the Guardia di Finanza with the Anti-Mafia Directorate. The clan also traded drugs during the lockdown. The wiretapping in a debtor’s house: “The wife crouched on the sofa, I’ll kill you like dogs”

In certain flat lands and at times of true anti-mafia, thanks to public complaints, as in Casorate Primo, the mafia still tyrannizes “with ease”, highlighted the magistrate Raffaella Mascarino in the order. So we must insist, and count those who fall: this time, thanks to the operation of the prolific Guardia di Finanza of Pavia, coordinated by the Milan DDA, it was the turn of the head of the family Antonio Barbaro, and according to the accusation, which involved 21 people, at the head of an organization dedicated to drug trafficking certainly starting from this part of Lombardy now monthly in the limelight for misdeeds, and extending to Piedmont and South America, always with the sacred bond of his native Calabria.

Between Platì and Milan

In particular Platì, where the Aspromonte hills begin and Barbaro’s official residence – which in any case rests power precisely on Casorate Primo, five thousand inhabitants – especially in the months of the lockdown. Well, in the conception of this offender, who in the illicit mission involved his son Rocco, who has no precedents, the pandemic must be cursed for one main reason: it created delays in the criminal machine preventing to comply with customer requests with the usual punctuality and an amazing quality, except for a few bins, appreciated. Yet the nervousness caused by Covid and its side effects, which in the end did not cause heavy “damage”, has nothing to do with Barbaro’s attitudes crystallized by wiretapping which, net of fears proven by “Reclamation” of machines hunting for bedbugs (for example in the “Carrozzeria Giorgio” of Rho), they nevertheless provided the investigators with material resolution.

Debts and threats

Attitudes, it was said. This reaction against a debtor applies to everyone (on 13 December 2019 in Rosate): “Yesterday he was shaking like a leaf… I entered the house here … his cousin looks out of the window and tells me he is not there … okay, open me up, I go up … I went up, and he was locked in the bedroom … his wife was sitting on the sofa … look I told him … you see that I don’t want to get to this … I took it and put it on the table (the weapon) … you see that I don’t want to get to this … but you are leading me to these consequences … you don’t have to bother and you have to answer the phone … he answers me: but I swear I’ll let you leave before 20 … without problems … I’m recovering in somehow I try to recover … I don’t give a damn … first because I don’t leave on the 20th I stay … and you don’t have to leave home … I don’t have to see you anywhere … that you don’t I leave … and then my meat (relatives) … they have to fight … because of you … I told him … you see I will kill you … as I kill you with dogs … his wife crouched on the couch… he was trembling, with tears in his eyes … ».

Who are the Barbaro

Now, the tale of the clans is a labyrinth of homonyms, with frequent repetitions of a few surnames. As a Barbarian. Which makes it necessary to re-propose the portrait that emerged from the papers, and not only because of the mystifying and mafia habit of some fools of considering the journalists, at first the local ones, weaker and less protected, inventors of lies: «The acknowledged belonging of Barbaro Antonio to the ‘Ndrangheta-style association it emerges first of all from the ties of kinship / affinity with platiote families… as well as from the criminal and police precedents among which the ruling of the Court of Appeal of Milan stands out ». Sentence “which redetermined the overall sentence in 17 four months of imprisonment and a fine of 113,620.52 euros …”. Barbaro “was recognized as responsible for both the associative crime (through the creation and management of a stable and structured network of trade, transport and distribution of large quantities of heroin-type drugs, from Turkey to Italy, using logistical bases in Switzerland) , and of repeated imports of large quantities of heroin, carried out with constant methods in the province of Milan … ». An experienced man, Barbaro; a feared man. One capable of taking what was his due. Without discounts, without postponements, without turning around, with actions and words considered definitive. A man, owner of a dealership who owed him 2,200 euros for doses of cocaine, he was forced to put a Honda motorcycle in his name, repair a moped for him and send it to Platì, after further threat: «If not, in September as soon as I get back there I will come and take you everything you have in there! I got it?”. That fellow understood immediately and did it.

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