searches of 18 boys between Milan and Turin

searches of 18 boys between Milan and Turin
searches of 18 boys between Milan and Turin

Searches are underway, between Milan and Turin, against 18 young people believed, for various reasons, involved in the sexual assaults perpetrated against a dozen girls on New Year’s Eve, in Piazza Duomo, Milan. According to initial information from the Milan Police Headquarters, these are 15 boys of age and 3 minors, aged between 15 and 21, both foreigners and Italians of North African origin.

The investigations were conducted by the Mobile Squad of the Milan Police Headquarters and the Central Commissariat, and coordinated by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Milan Juvenile Court, with the participation of the policemen of the Milanese judicial police section. , of the Mobile Squad of the Turin Police Headquarters and of the Lombardy and Piedmont Crime Prevention Departments.

The investigative activity, based on the vision of the images of the surveillance systems, and on the testimonies of passers-by and of the victims themselves as well as on the analysis of social networks, led to the identification of the alleged members of the ‘pack’ of boys who sexually molested nine girls.

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