what does it mean. Then the trip to the no-vax – Libero Quotidiano

what does it mean. Then the trip to the no-vax – Libero Quotidiano
what does it mean. Then the trip to the no-vax – Libero Quotidiano

The highly anticipated press conference of Mario Draghiin fact, it resolves itself within a few seconds. The meeting was called to present the package of anti-Covid regulations launched last Wednesday, the one with which the mandatory vaccine for the over-50s was introduced (a delay of days in presenting the new laws to Italy cost the premier several criticisms). But the press conference was also highly anticipated because it was rumored about possible positions taken by Draghi on the race to the Quirinale.

But already in the introduction, at the greetings, after wishing a happy new year, the prime minister said clearly: “I will not answer any questions regarding immediate political developments“. A sentence accompanied by an eloquent gesture of the hand and a sentence in which he took care not to say either Colle or Quirinale. But the reference was sensationally evident.

In short, those who argued that he could announce a step backwards, or let his indiscretions leak out, have been denied. And trying to interpret Draghi’s words, we understand how, on the contrary, the message could be very clear: the premier remains on track, and how, in the quirinalizia race. Otherwise he could have said the exact opposite. Or let it be understood between the lines. A non-stance destined to make a lot of noise, especially after the many appeals from majority parties – Lega and Forza Italia in primis – to renounce the candidacy.

Speaking of the Covid emergency, the premier has pointed the finger hard at no-vax: “The circulation of the virus puts pressure on our hospitals again, especially due to the effect of the unvaccinated population”, he said clearly after recalling how “we were among the first to adopt the vaccination obligation for a whole series of categories “. And again, Draghi explained that the obligation was introduced “on the basis of the data, essentially, that tell us that those over 50 run greater risks, two thirds of the intensive care units are occupied by the unvaccinated “.

So a reference to one of the most bitter controversies of the last few days, namely the choice of reopen schools with face-to-face lessons: “The government has the priority that the school is open in presence. It is enough to look at the effects of inequality among students caused by Dad to be convinced that this school system causes inequalities that are destined to last, which are reflected in the whole future of their lives employment, also on the future of work and wages “, Draghi pointed out.

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